About Us


Hi! I’m Jackie. I’m a tarot card reader, crystal addict and pet mom who lives in Boulder, Colorado. 

Totems and Tarot started in 2020 after two dear friends nudged me in this direction. During the pandemic lockdown, my marketing business took a major hit. I was feeling lost and unsure about the future.

I’m so thrilled they pushed me in this direction. It’s truly an honor each and every to help people heal using these powerful metaphysical tools. As someone who suffers from cPTSD due to a traumatic childhood, I know firsthand about the pain and joy of a healing journey. 

To toot my own horn, which feels a bit odd, I have an extensive background in crystal identification. I was educated at GIA (The Gemological Institute of America) and did product development for a fortune 500 company (well known for it’s beautiful blue box). To put it mildly, I’m a proud crystal snob. I put so much love into choosing each specimen that makes it way back to your home.

I’m also a tarot nerd! I love giving readings and love teaching tarot even more. Be sure to check out our tarot school.

Take a look around and let me know if you have questions! In the meantime sending love your way. You deserve it and you’re awesome (just in case no one told you that today).

-Jackie Stone


My reading with Totems and Tarot was encouraging, educational, and meaningful. Even though I was open and had general questions, [they were] able to provide specific guidance and was so uplifting and authentic in the process.

Megan H.

What a lovely reading, you are awesome!!
Thank you so much for your wisdom!
Your insight helped me so much!
I’m so glad we met.


I feel peaceful knowing my Angels are watching over me, and realizing my own strength. I highly recommend Jackie. They are incredibly accurate and love their energy!

Lori L.