April 2021 Tarotscope
April 2021 Tarotscope

Written by Jacqueline Stone

Jackie is a channel for peace. She brings the invocations of the Spirits through with her writing and her study of tarot. She can reached at [email protected]

March 29, 2021

Happy spring and April tidings!

As soon as I saw The Wandering Star Tarot on social media I knew I needed to have it on my website. It carries such a high vibrational energy and powerful emotional resonance. I love the bright colors and the vivid imagery. I also appreciate the creator’s use of of the card description in the artwork. The three words used to sum up the card’s meaning are embedded in the image as a ribbon, border or crown. The words themselves become art making this a perfect deck for a tarot card beginner. However, the details and iconography make this deck a great study for the advanced reader as well.

I’m so excited to welcome Cat Pierce, the creator of this gorgeous deck, to Tarot Talk Tuesday on Tuesday, April 6. In case you don’t yet follow us on Instagram, we talk tarot every Tuesday on Instagram Live. If you’d like a reminder please sign-up here. I’ll be interviewing Cat (feel free to send questions) and at the end she’ll be providing free one card readings for the audience. There is nothing more special, in my opinion, than getting a reading from the deck creator using their deck. Metaphysical magic!

Hope these tarotscopes resonate with you. If you’d like a personal reading please email me at [email protected].

Lots of love,


Capricorn (Dec 22 – Jan 20) – The World

The saying “it’s darkest before the dawn” has never been more true my dear Capricorn. The start of your year has been arduous and emotionally draining. Welcome to April, a time where we greet Spring, enjoy the bliss of a journey’s completion and pause to celebrate. The key word for you this month is rejuvenation. What are some activities you can do to shift out of the heavy energy you’ve been carrying (unnecessarily, I might add)? Your Highest Self only wants you to have fun in this bizarre three dimensional world we call “life.” What if you stopped taking yourself so seriously? What if you gave people a ton of space to be human? What if you laughed a little more? I promise things won’t fall apart if you enjoy yourself. The anxiety your old soul carries is significant. What is the multi-generational wound that has you believing that you MUST be worrying about something at all times? That is so silly and you know it! I want you to befriend your anxiety this month. Ask it what it wants. Write lists down ALL of your fears. When the boogeyman are forced to face the light of day they aren’t that scary, are they? Your assignment is to go outside for 5 minutes every day this month and stick your face in the sun. Turn your phone off, cast your cares away and bast in the radiance of this magnificent star. It’s a reminder of where you once came and to what you’ll return. Puts things in perspective doesn’t it?

Aquarius (Jan 21-Feb 19) – Four of Cups

The Four of Cups gives me some serious ice princess vibes. She’s a bit cold, standoffish, and has thrown up a ton of walls. Someone must have hurt her deeply in the past. What she can’t realize is the life she’s currently living and how much she’s missing out on. Can you relate? We all have wounds, some deeper than others. While I can’t say I thank the Universe for all the challenges that come my way, I can be thankful for the lesson. With each relationship or experience we grow. As we are all online these days it’s easy to do some ‘compare and despair’. Comparing yourself to others and becoming miserable as you see you fall short in comparison to their bright, shiny lives. First of all, social media is what we PRESENT to others, not exactly what’s really going on. Second of all, if you go with the premise that we are all one, well what happens to another person is also happening to you. Consciousness is a trip, am I right? I think this month that a social media break might be in order. And no, you don’t have to announce that to the world (unless you want to). And if that is not possible (in my case it’s not as it’s how I conduct much of my business), then it’s time to set some serious boundaries. Buy yourself a kitchen timer (no, I’m not joking) and set 20 minutes on it twice a day. That’s all the time you get to relentlessly scroll and make yourself miserable. The rest of your day will be spent living your most magical life. What wonders lie right outside the door! Fresh air, birds chirping, flowers blooming, signs of spring! When we get hyper focused on what we don’t have, well we call more of that in. Time to change the narrative and get in touch with Mother Nature. I promise she’ll nurture your soul and get you back on track in no time.

Pisces (Feb 20-Mar 20) – Ten of Pentacles

Oooh Pisces! You are ending your birthday season with a bang. The Ten of Pentacles is all about good vibes. Financial security, family happiness and overall contentment awaits you this April. Bask in the glow of this magical feeling. I could go on, but I’ll end it right there so the message really sticks. Your only job this month is to lean in and let yourself enjoy. You deserve it! And if that feels hard, get your affirmations on. Start with these: I am enough. I deserve to be wealthy. I am protected. I am magnificent. I am a perfect child of the Universe.

Aries (Mar 21-Apr 19) -Strength

I find The Strength card always makes an appearance when I need it most and I wonder if that rings true for you Aries. Your strong determination and steely demeanor give the appearance that you’ve got it all under control. However, there is a big softie that lives in there. Recent events have got you shook! The Strength card reminds us of the strength that lives within. You’ve got this. I find that my Guides never give me anything I can’t handle. And on the days that they do, you’re allowed to get a bit snarky. You’re allowed to ask for help. I have all of my sober sisters put together what I call a “God Box.” Don’t let the name trip you up. This is simply an exercise in letting go. Take an old shoebox and superglue the top down. Cut a slit in the top. Decorate this box however you’d like! Stickers and glitter are encouraged. Maybe even include a prayer, saying or message that uplifts you every time you read it. Now start using this magical messaging service daily. Put your worries as well as your dreams in here. You are starting a lifelong process of giving it over to something or someone larger than you are. Asking for help is the ultimate act of humility. It’s saying “bye-bye Ego” and welcoming in your Higher Self who seems to have all the answers. Try out this activity and see if it helps you dissipate some of the stress you’ve been carrying all by yourself. You are incredibly strong, however there is strength in numbers. Don’t forget to tap back into the infinite wisdom and support of our mighty Universe.

Taurus (Apr 20-May 20) – Ten of Swords

Ooof Taurus, what’s going on in that noggin of yours? The Ten of Swords is the card of chaos, melodrama and worry. Swords rule the element of air and our mind. This is usually a warning that we can’t always trust our first thought. It also sounds an alarm: what is yours and what is theirs? Let me explain. As you are probably an empath (I find that most tarot lovers carry this blessing/burden) you pick up on other people’s energies all the time. When you are obsessively thinking about a situation, take a moment to pause. What does this have to do with you? Is it your mess to fix? And that can be hard. For example, maybe something rough is happening to a family member and it’s driving you crazy. I want you to remember that they too have their own Higher Power who is guiding them, watching them and cheering them on. If this sticky situation is yours of your own making, where can you make it right? How can you make amends? Does it need to be said out loud? Is there a soft, loving action in the other direction you could make? Or does this ENTIRE situation only live inside your brain. Are you future tripping? I find that when I’m making assumptions about how things are going to turn out that I’m playing God. Only the Universe knows what happens next. If you have to pick up any stories, pick up the good ones. That bill is magically going to get paid. Your argument with your bestie will resolve and put you two in a deeper connection than you ever thought possible. Your discord with your partner will lead to stronger understanding and teamwork. If your brain needs something to ruminate on, choose those. And in the meantime, get busy reaching out and being of service to others. It might not resolve your current affair, but it will start to put your mind at ease. We are our best Selves when we show up for those in need.

Gemini (May 21-Jun 21) – Six of Pentacles

Gemini, the Six of Pentacles signifies a reward and a warning. You’ll soon come into a large sum of money. Super exciting news! However, it’s also a reminder that you didn’t do this alone. Your Guides have been there to support you and help you. Think about it: a business owner can do everything right and fail or a business owner can do everything wrong and succeed. The Universe is behind the scenes making decisions that we couldn’t even begin to comprehend. Let gratitude be your aim this month and be sure to share the wealth. We put such a huge value on money in our society often for prestige and power. But isn’t money just a tool? A way for us to experience life on a richer level? Think of all the things that you WANT that you don’t have. Maybe you want a fancy new pair of sneakers for your morning runs. Money is simply the tool that allows you to enjoy this experience in a new way. This month I’m offering you a financial challenge. Try not to buy any things this month beside the necessities. Instead, use all of your financial abundance around experiences for you and those you love. It could be a socially distanced coffee date, sending flowers to someone going through a hard time, treating yourself to a night away in a luxurious Air BNB (that has been meticulously cleaned of course). What are some experiences that you could indulge in this month rather than material items? Sure the fancy sneakers wouldn’t hurt, but could you instead buy a special harness for your pup so they can enjoy the run with you? Anything you buy this month think not only of yourself, but of those around you. You’ll be surprised at how richer your life becomes with each and every dollar you spend.

Cancer (Jun 22-July 23) – The Hanged Man

Move a muscle, change a thought my dear Cancer. It’s your turn to boogie. This month I want you to become intimately acquainted with the art of dance. The Hanged Man indicates that you are sitting in some stagnant energy at the moment. The only way to break this spell is to get moving! Try dancing naked in your back-yard in the dead of night. Dance in your living room to a dumb commercial jingle that makes it way onto the TV. Dance while you do the dishes. Dance when you put on your pajamas. Dance around while brushing your teeth. Dance inside, outside, upstairs, downstairs. Dance standing up, lying down and while sitting in your chair. Not a dancer you say? Um, I’m going to challenge you on that one. We are ALL dancers. Our bodies contain a magical energetic flow that acts like a powerful magnet. When you start to dance the sparks start zinging across the room. The negative thoughts break free. The joy returns. You start to remember your wizardry and magic. You tap back down deep into your purpose. So get a little weird and silly this month and start dancing every moment you get. Bonus points for drawing loved ones into the jubilee. They might call you crazy, but chances are they’ll be smiling from ear to ear as they make their proclamation. Dance helps us tap back into the collective consciousness where love reigns supreme and dreams always come true.

Leo (Jul 24 – Aug 23) – Ace of Wands

Wow Leo, I love this pull for you! Wands rule the element of fire and there is no card quite as dynamic and powerful as the ace. Creativity and passion are reignited and the blaze is enough to take your breath away. You’ll be hit this month with divine inspiration about which way to move and where to go next. You’ve been sitting in limbo for a couple of months now and it feels so refreshing to have a clear direction forward. This indicates that adventure is on the horizon. Whether that is one of the physical or emotional variety is to be determined, but there is nothing you love more than a bit of spontaneity. While you love to have a plan, a bit of chaos is always appreciated and that is the energy of the wands. They are unpredictable, in the best way. Have fun this month with projects and ideas. Create brainmaps and vision boards. Build collages full of bright colors and shiny artifacts. And take yourself on a creative date! I wish I could take credit for this genius idea, but it comes from Julia Cameron, the author of The Artist’s Way. She recommends that you take yourself on a date to do something creative and fun. It could be a journey to an art shop, a stop at a museum or perhaps an adventurous walk in nature. It’s sure to add fuel to the fire that’s only just begun. I can’t wait to see what you create and discover this month!

Virgo (Aug 24-Sep 22) – The Tower

I mean, c’mon right? The Tower?! Again? I feel like 2020 could be summed up as The Tower. Just when we start to get comfortable, poof, there goes the ‘old normal.’ Well I hate to break it to you, but The Tower is here again. And you know when it shows up? When we are holding onto something for dear life. We just simply can’t let go! We are determined that things MUST go a certain way in order to be happy and content. The Tower challenges this concept. It says, here’s some more chaos and not what you had planned at all. It says “I dare you to be happy.” And that’s just it isn’t it! That is the key to happiness in this mixed up world. It’s learning how to be happy and content no matter what the outside circumstances might look like. So while the outside world might be falling apart, I ask you this: What do your insides look like? This month I encourage you to double down on the spiritual practice of your choice. Some like witchcraft, some go to church, others like a temple, and me, well I like tarot. Maybe you abhor any type of spiritual practice. How about nature as your Higher Power? When in doubt it’s pretty hard to deny that you didn’t cause the sun to rise this morning. Whatever modality resonates most with your soul dive in deep. Start conversations with your Guides or your Highest Self. What are the questions? Can you hear the answers? What part of this practice brings you closer to love?  Follow that lead. Love will always be the answer in the largest of conundrums. This month might look shaky, but now that you’re working hard on tapping into your highest vibration, everything will feel alright.

Libra (Sep 23-Oct 22) – Two of Wands

Do you ever play Monopoly Libra? The Two of Ways reminds me of the part of the board where it says “Collect salary as you pass Go.” No obstacles are in your way. You stand before a giant portal lit up with green lights. Your Guides stand on the sidelines with their spiritual pom-poms in tow. They are so proud of you and excited to see your path so divinely aligned with theirs. That project you’ve been working on starts to move forward at record speed. The delay on payment comes through in a flash. The stops and starts of a relationship either comes to a refreshing end or catapults into a hot passionate affair. This card carries a ton of powerful, positive energy. It encourages you to make those plans, take that action and jump in feet first. This month I encourage you to start a dream journal. No, not for the ones that come to you in slumber. This is a journal where you’ll only speak about your dreams and aspirations. Get imaginative, get wild. The sky truly is the limit. Only after you’ve done this for about a week I want you to go back and start thinking about how you could make those dreams a reality. This is often where most of us get stuck. When in doubt: phone a friend. I have a dream of creating a tarot deck one day. You know who I’m asking about next steps? Those who’ve already done the deed! For the second half of April make a commitment to yourself. Each and every day take one tiny action (doesn’t matter how small) towards that goal. You’ll be amazed before you’re halfway through.

Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 22) – The Hermit

Dark, stormy and isolated? Well that’s the Scorpio’s dream come true right? The Hermit, the tarot’s wise old sage, reminds us of all the wisdom that can be found when we get extremely quiet and tap into the knowledge of our Highest Self. While shadow work is your forte, I’m not sure that’s what at play here. The Hermit is asking you to get curious. What is keeping you from feeling good about yourself? What is enticing about holding onto old beliefs that no longer serve you? What causes you to choose the solo path rather than find camaraderie with your community? My guess? There are probably some old wounds, but more likely there is a lot of fear. Sometimes the world we know is much more comfortable than the one we don’t, even if it’s a bit miserable. As a beautiful Lightworker, you’re being asked to level up and step outside your comfort zone. It’s time to break down some walls as intimidating that might seem. What assumptions have you made over the past few months that turned out not to be true at all? Where have you unfairly judged another person without having all the facts and figures? A part of your rejects others in your metaphysical space as you are rejecting yourself. While there is a ton more healing to be done for us all, put your work up on a shelf this month and instead write a haiku. Yes, a Japanese poem of seventeen syllables, in three lines of five, seven, and five. Your topic? Why don’t I allow people in? This exercise will crack open a space in your heart and fill it with more light than you thought imaginable.

Sagittarius (Nov 23-Dec 20) – Four of Pentacles

Where attention goes, energy flows. That is the sentiment I want you to carry with you this month dear Sag in relation to money. The Four of Pentacles indicates a time of financial stability and expansion, but it’s also caked in fear. Let go of your worries! If you start to stress about the other shoe dropping your nightmares are soon to become prophecy. That is the way of the energetic world we can’t see or understand. We draw things into our three dimensional reality with our minds. Enjoy the abundance that has flowed into your life and have confidence the tides have turned. The flow will continue if you continue to believe in your worthiness. Plant your feet on this sturdy bedrock of wealth for abundance is your birthright. The infinite universe has so much to give to you and it’s up to you to draw into your stratosphere. How to start living the dream? This month treat yourself to something incredibly luxurious. I have a friend who would each one bite out of each of the chocolates in a box, just because she could. It felt ridiculous, over-the-top and decadent. What is something similar you could partake in? Treat yourself like the queen or king that you are and the universe will respond in kind. I know this month is sure to be filled with royal delights. 

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