Ask An Energy Healer: What Is Energy Healing?
Energy Healing

Written by Ryan Blanton

October 19, 2021

Hi! I’m Ryan, from Energy with Ryan, and I’m excited to talk to you today about energy healing!

I am a long-time enjoyer of energy healing; plus I’m a licensed energy worker and guide! I work with women to smash through limiting beliefs, shift energetic blockages and smog, and guide them back to their innate power.

In this article, I’m going to talk a bit about what even is energy healing, what I do as an energy worker, and my practice of IET is different. Let’s dive in now!

What do you mean by energy?

We are made up of energy.

Our thoughts are energy. Our emotions are energy. Our body is energy. The tree outside your house is energy. That rock is energy.

Energy is everything and is everywhere. 

And because we are vibrating beings made of energy, we have the ability to work with our energetic bodies.

Much like how a kink in a water hose can stop the flow of water, blocks in our energy field can stop our energetic flow. When our energy runs freely, we feel vibrant!

And energy healing can help get us there.

If you think about it, you work on your physical body by eating right and working out and getting enough sleep. So it makes sense to take care of your energetic body too.

Integrated Energy Therapy (IET)

There are many different types of energy work: acupuncture, Reiki, IET, flower essences, yoga, and reflexology just to name a few. Some energy healing modalities go back thousands of years,

I personally work with Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) which is a form of channelled energy similar to Reiki. IET rebalances your energy by releasing blockages through your four energetic bodies: 

  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Mental
  • and spiritual

While also filling up those energetic bodies with angelic light and intention of good. Like with Reiki, IET can be used virtually and asynchronously, which means you can receive the benefits of an IET-infused visualization, like the kind I create, without ever having to be in the same room with me.

IET compared to Reiki

While IET is similar to Reiki, some differences are that IET uses angelic energy and heals via certain emotion centers/acupressure points. These points correlate to Traditional Chinese Medicine energetics.

It is important to note that IET is considerably less well-known than Reiki and therefore if you hadn’t stumbled upon this blog, you might never have found out about it! 

The founder of IET likes to say that it gets the “issues out of the tissues for good”, gently releasing past patterns, clearing cellular memory, and empowering your present and future.

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What does Energy Healing do?

To me, the best thing about energy healing is that the possibilities are endless!

IET is great for working with emotional healing, limiting beliefs, generational and ancestral karma, as well as manifestation and life purpose work.

I have clients who use it:

  • to support their stress levels
  • as a form of relaxation and somatic healing
  • to work on their body image
  • as shadow work
  • to release fears
  • to break patterns keeping them stuck
  • to help manifest and call in their dream life
  • to help them progress on their spiritual journey 
  • to connect with their angels and guides
  • to dive deep into their life’s mission

And there are countless more ways to bring energy healing into your life. 

As for physical healing, such as a hurt back, I would suggest acupuncture or even Reiki. Speaking of, here’s  a cool journal article about the benefits of reiki with back pain. 

Healing with energy

Like I said before, I was a diligent user of energy healing before I ever was a practitioner. I received acupuncture in high school, had my first reiki session in college (where I still remember seeing colors swirl behind my eyelids), and I used it in my everyday life.

Because we are all energetic beings, we all have the ability to work with energy. And I think it’s super empowering to be able to work with energy yourself. So I wanted to share three easy ways that you can work with energy and support your energetic body yourself!

1. Crystals for energy healing

Crystals are great energy healing tools that are easy to work with. They are high vibrational and can help lift your own vibrations. I first dabbled into crystals when my father passed and used rose quartz to lessen the grief and infuse more self-love into my life.

My favorite crystals are clear quartz (great for clearings and amplifying good vibes) and any black stones (so good for protection and grounding).

I love to keep crystals close to me, even putting some in my pocket if I’m feeling called to it. Definitely get the right crystal for you. And lucky enough, Totems and Tarot is a perfect source for your crystal needs. My tip: go with your instincts. Whichever crystal is calling to you, that is probably what you need at that moment.

2. Water for energy healing

Water is miraculous and can hold a high frequency, think of Holy Water. You can easily program water with positive affirmations by holding the glass in your hands and send it the thoughts you want to program it with.

For example, do you want to be kinder to yourself? Speak loving compliments to your water. You can even set your glass on top of a piece of paper with your affirmations written on it too! Drink this water and let the high frequency shift you.

3. How to energetically clear your space

Have you ever walked into a room after someone had a fight and the room just felt off? Spaces can hold gunky energy too. Cleanse it!

Energetically Cleansing Your Space

You can either smoke cleanse using ethically harvested herbs, spritz some programmed water in the corners of the room, or use your brain to visualize a giant vacuum cleansing the space and then hand the ‘full’ vacuum to your guides or angels to take away. You can use all of these techniques to cleanse your own aura! I definitely recommend clearing your home and body as often as feels good, specifically after any heavy feeling days. 

Now with that said, I want to share two best practices on working with energy to make sure you’re protected and safe.

Set the space.

No matter if you’re working with water, crystals, or your hands, create a safe and protected space. Set the intention to only receive that which is in your highest good and love and safety for all. Also, ask your guides/ancestors/angels to assist in your work and protect and guide you.

Ground after doing energy work.

When we work with high vibrations, we tend to be up in our upper chakras. It’s always good to return to our lower chakras to bring us back to our body and also shut the connection of energy flow. First, say out loud that you are turning off the energy connection and are ready to ground. Next, you ground. You can imagine roots coming from your feet and rooting into the earth or you can place your feet on the bare ground outside or any other practice that helps you feel connected to the earth. 

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Healing energy

No matter in what capacity you work with energy, I’m so happy that you are intrigued and interested!

Remember: do what’s best for you.

Listen to your body and your higher self. Energy healing isn’t a substitute for medical care. We are complex humans with complex bodies. Do what’s right for you and seek out the doctors and therapists that feel right! 

If you are curious about energy healing sessions, please check out my Instagram TV for my Community Energy Thursdays series. They are free, 30-minute sessions intended to help support you and the community.

You can book a session HERE.

Plus: if you sign up for my newsletter, you will instantly receive an energy-infused visualization that will not only inspire you to dream big and bold but magnetize you to your desires! 

Energy Healer Ryan Blanton

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