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Ever wonder about runes? These magnificent oracle stones are rooted a thousand years in the past, and have some fascinating stories to tell.

This beautiful kit of runes includes a book of interpretation, 25 ceramic runes and a drawstring bag. If you've never held a rune in your hand before, it's quite a marvelous experience. You are holding centuries old knowledge from our ancestors. Just like tarot or oracle cards, runes are incredible tool for insight and clarity. As Ralph H. Blum illuminates you can consult runes: when you start your day, when you are considering career changes, when your best friend is away, when you are facing partnership issues and so much more. The book is an extensive look into the rich history around runes. The book also offers ways for beginners to get to know these magical symbols including daily readings, journal prompts and spreads. A very helpful and insightful tool!

Why we love this product!

I started playing with runes when I first received this kit in the mail. I love reading the writing by Ralph Blum. He's so incredibly detailed and specific about runes and their history, without being boring! The book by itself is a wonderful read. I also love shaking the bag in the morning before I pull a rune out over coffee. It's just such a splendid and tactile experience. My black cat Blizz loves them as well. He's always try to knock them off counters or play with the drawstring bag. Seeing that he's my beloved Familiar there is probably something to this! He doesn't knock tarot decks off the counter with the same fervor. I'll definitely be playing with these more. My new favorite tool!

Many of the stones can be read in reserve, but not all of them. Fascinating indeed as a departure from how we read tarot. Every card has a reversal meaning, but not here! There is also a blank rune which is said to tie us back into the vastness of the universe. I haven't pulled it yet, but when I do I'll know that I'm knocking on the vortex's door.