Ethereal Visions Tarot

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Looking for a tarot deck with a romantic, dreamy feel of days of yore? Look no further.

The Ethereal Visions Illuminated Tarot deck features 80 hand-drawn cards by Matt Hughes. Inspired by art nouveau and gilded in gold, this deck offers a glimpse into a time past where elegance was all the rage. The deck includes 2 extra cards to the major arcana and a helpful guidebook where the planetary significance of each card is highlighted. This is a great deck to add to your collection as it truly looks like no other deck out there. Matt has created a unique illustration style that has not been seen before.


Why we love this product!

When I originally tried to buy this deck for the site it was sold out. Once I had it in my hands it was easy to see why! Not only are the illustrations like nothing I've seen before, but the gold gilding helps each card truly shimmer and pop. I like that the artist took the liberty of adding two additional cards to the major arcana, The Well and The Artist. It's been said that the major arcana is simply a reflection of human archetypes and I think these two make a thoughtful contribution. I only wish the artist had given us a little bit more about himself or why the deck was created in the guide book. Perhaps I'll have to convince him to come on Tarot Talk Tuesday!