Journey of the Sacred Bee Tarot

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Did you know the bees have roamed the planet for over 100 million years? That’s right, they survived the dinosaurs.

Kelly Burton's Journey of the Sacred Bee Tarot deck explores our sacred relationship with bees. It has been said, "No bees, no life." In this new spin on a classic, this deck features 78 cards and a tarot guidebook. The book includes a variety of spreads and ways of looking at the cards like never before. This indie deck is definitely a keepsake! It's a gift both visually and metaphysically beautiful.


Why we love this product!

I was shocked and delighted to learn that the creator of this gorgeous indie deck lives in Boulder, Colorado (where I’m based). I reached out to her about her deck and she offered to drop them off at my home. Not only was it wonderful to meet the creator in person but she gifted me with a gorgeous hand-made tarot mat. I swear, they don’t make people like this anymore. She is thoughtful, intuitive and brilliant. I absolutely love this deck on so many levels. Not only does it honor the sacred, but the physical. She pays respect to Mother Earth.