Light Seer's Tarot

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Do you love tarot but don’t feel well represented by the decks? In the Light Seer’s Tarot, Chris-Anne takes a contemporary and boho approach to the tarot, making sure to include all peoples in our modern world.

This beautiful 78 card deck and guidebook takes you on a journey of shadows and sunshine. "And into the grey we follow. Light a thousand flickering starts. And there in a sunlit hollow we lose and find what is ours." Chris-Anne, the author and creator of The Light Seer's Tarot wanted to produce a deck that represented people of all types of cultures, backgrounds, creeds, affiliations and colors. This deck is infused with not only the magic of the tarot, but with the magical intention of helping everyone feel seen, heard and understood. A truly powerful deck and a must have for any tarot card collector.


Why we love this product!

This vivid and dynamic deck full of energy. Chris-Anne not only uses modern-day heroes and heroines in her depictions, but uses colors and lines to indicate the energetic movement of each card. Instead of an upright or reversed stance on the cards, she offers us the insights of the LIght Seer or the Shadow Seer, for neither could exist without the other. Each card comes with its own mantra which is helpful, as most of gravitate towards the tarot for guidance and illumination. This is a great deck for someone with a wild spirit and a powerful imagination. It will offer a creative spark.