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This selenite wand is the perfect tool for cleansing your energetic field, your tarot decks and your crystals. Self-cleansing, selenite is the ultimate metaphysical vacuum.

A perfect compliment to your crystal collection, selenite is a helpful tool for cleansing and grounding, some say even more than sage! It clears away anything that might be clouding the subscious and allows us to go even deeper in understanding and growth. This is a wonderful stone for meditation. Many like to purchase several pieces of selenite to place them in the four corners of the home for protection.

Each wand measures approximately 7 inches long, 1 1/2 inches wide and 1/4 inch deep. 

Please note that selenite is a Gypsum making it a fragile stone. Please keep your wand away from extreme heat or cold, treat it gently so it doesn't crack and most of all do NOT put it in water. The crystal will 'melt' when exposed to any liquids.

Why we love this product!

We searched high and low for these selenite ‘wands’. We keep several on the office windowsill so we can grab them at a moment’s notice to clear a tarot deck. Selenite not only clears itself, but can clear the static energy of your other stones! We like the way this lies flat so you can put things on top of it or underneath (albeit gently). Not to mention that selenite is just gorgeous. The way it glimmers in the sunlight is like nothing else. It seems to glow from within.