The Luminous Void Tarot

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Looking for a more feminine approach to tarot? You have found your deck! The Luminous Void Tarot by Laura Zuspan carries with a beautiful, divine and feminine energy.

This 78 card deck and guide book will leave you mesmerized. Hand-painted in water color, Laura Zuspan does an incredible job at capturing esoteric ideologies on paper. The images are absolutely stunning and are sure to offer you deeper insight into the cards. Her guidebook is most helpful as not only does she offer her interpretation of the cards, but provides spread examples and other useful information.


Why we love this product!

Our favorite spread of all time is captured in this guide book. Titled ‘The Golden Dawn’ this spread offers so much powerful insight about our present ideologies, our psyche and our karmic contracts. It also is a perfect tool for divintation, granted you take free will into account. We use this spread all the time with our clients when they need deeper insight than what a Celtic Cross will provide.