Work Your Light Oracle Deck

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Want to know more about your life path or life purpose? The Work Your Light oracle cards help you step into your power using the wisdom of the universe.

The Work Your Light Oracle Deck contains 44 beautiful cards illustrated by Danielle Noel. The accompanying guidebook written by Rebecca Campbell helps us truly understand our powers. We become the oracle and the wisdom lives within. The cards are simply a tool. She states, "May these cards activate, transmit and prompt a deep soul remembering. With every new shuffle and spread, may they guide you back home to the deepest caverns of your heart, where all of the answers that you long for are forever calling you and know you by name."


Why we love this product!

Each of the images has so much depth. Take a moment to soak it in visually before you open the book. What emotions do you feel? What details did you notice?