The Tower Tarot Candle - 8.5 oz

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This beautiful hand-poured soy-wax candle is made right here in Colorado by Magic Fairy Candles. Pulled from the Rider Waite deck, The Tower card from the major arcana is associated with divine destruction and unexpected change.

A life’s only constant is change. Nothing can be kept. Knowing this you can rest in openness.

Vetiver, Cedar, & Lemongrass.

Imagine the pages of a book turning. Each page is a new event in your life. As each happens, a page turns and disintegrates. Are you watching the pages which disintegrate or the new pages which have yet to turn?


Why we love this product!

We think this candle makes the perfect gift for someone who feels like they are in a dead end job. Have them light this candle for a few days and stand back to watch the magic happen. The Universe will heed the call. Now it might not always be pleasant, but it’s always for your highest purpose on this planet.