Chakra Gemstone Bundle

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The seven chakras are a variety of energetic fields that are said to root from the base of our spine and go above our head. When these are misaligned they can create blocks both mentally and physically. This chakra gemstone bundle is a wonderful set to work with to bring your energy back into alignment.

This set contains seven stones to represent the seven chakras:

  • Root - Red - Agate to instill a sense of safety
  • Sacral - Orange - Citrine to boost confidence
  • Solar Plexus - Yellow - Smoky Quartz to bring you in alignment with your true purpose
  • Heart - Green - Aventurine to connect you more deeply with Mother Earth
  • Throat - Blue - Lapis to help you communicate wisely and effectively
  • Third Eye - Purple - Amethyst to allow for deeper spiritual connection
  • Crown - Deep Purple or Gold - Clear Quartz as the Master Healer to bring you close to a state of pure consciousness.
This bundle is great for meditation or for those involved with energy work. You can place the stones on or near the various parts of the body where the chakra exists to help break through blocks and move any stagnant energy. A wonderful gift for yourself or a friend.

Why we love this product!

I don't know much about the chakras, but they seem to come up every time I have a healing session. For a long time my root chakra was a mess, which makes sense. I had a rough childhood and my foundation of safety and security was non-existent. I've worked hard over the years to re-parent myself through many, many healing modalities. Now when I go to see someone I usually am told there is a disconnect between my solar plexus and my heart. Hey, progress not perfection. I really do see how these energies show up in our daily lives and I look forward to studying them more.

The heart chakra's Sanskrit word Anahata means “unstruck,” “unhurt,” and “unbeaten."