Cleansing Bundle - Selenite and Palo Santo

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The most important thing we can do as Healers is learn how to protect and cleanse our space. These are two of our most treasured tools and we hope they work for you as well.

Selenite is a powerful cleansing stone full of bright, white light. It is so vibrant that not only can it cleanse itself, but it can cleanse the space and other crystals. It is great to use whenever you feel your energy is stangant or blocked. Simply move the bar around your body and close your eyes to feel the shift. You can also place it on top of a tarot deck or other inanimate objects you wish to clear.

Palo Santo means "holy wood." It is only found from specific trees in Peru. We source our palo santo directly from a Peruvian family who farms this wood sustainably. It's important when using this magical tool to practice cultural appreciation and give thanks to the family who has blessed us with this gift. What once was a closed practice is now being opened in the hopes that they are able to help more people around the globe on their healing journey. Palo Santo does not cleanse the space. Instead it gives reverance to our ancestors and asks them to bless the space and/or intention of our practice. It's important to take a moment to honor those who have come before us and ask them for their guidance. They are able to help you clear your space. All you have to do is ask!

This bundle includes a (1) piece of selenite and (1) piece of selenite tied together with twine. Please note:selenite is a Gypsum, making it physically delicate (albeit metaphysically strong). Do not put it close to anything too hot or too cold. And never put your selenite in water or it will 'melt'.

Why we love this product!

One of the best parts of our job is giving tarot card readings to people from around the world. It's essential to cleanse and clear between our readings so we don't bring in one client's energy to another's space. This bundle has been a great help! It's a simple, yet magnicient tool that we use almost every day.