Crystal Wisdom Deck

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New to the magical metaphysical powers of crystals? The Crystal Wisdom deck is an excellent tool to help you acclimate yourself to a variety of gems and their attributes.

This beautiful deck by Rachelle Charman is great to keep by your desk or on your bedside table. Pick a card in the morning when you wake up. Choose a card during the day when you need a break or some inspiration from the universe. Not only are the stone meanings beautiful, but the crystal photography captured here is quite spectacular. This deck contains 40 cards of various affirmations.

Why we love this product!

Fun fact: Once upon a time I was a fine jewelry designer! I lived in New York City and designed engagement rings for a living. I LOVED, and still love, learning about gemstones and their metaphysical properties. My house is littered with books on crystals and stones. I saw this deck for sale and knew I had to have it for the website. It’s always so handy to have a visual reference nearby. Gemstones carry with them the wisdom and magic of the ancients. I mean they’ve been on our planet for millions of years…I’m sure they have a secret or two that they might be willing to share.