Tucson Treasures Crystal Sale - Saturday, February 11

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Join me for a private crystal sale on Zoom! I'm headed to the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show. This will be my first crystal sale after my travels and I can't wait to showcase all the Tucson treasures!

This will be held on Zoom on Saturday, February 11 at 11:30m MST. Normally these sales run for about 2 hours (120 minutes). The sale is capped at 22 people. Each person is given a number and I randomly draw these numbers from a hat to determine the order. When it's your turn, you are presented a bin of treasures that we're carefully picked out just for you! You'll have the opportunity to purchase the items in the bin or reject them. It makes for great fun as then the others in the group are allowed to claim any item you don't want!

The fee is $11.11. This will go towards your shipping fee as well as the time and energy that goes into this magical experience. There is absolutely no obligation to buy, however please note that this fee is non-refundable. If you'd like to come and hang-out and look at crystals we'd love to have you! Think of it as a crystal workshop fee! You're sure to see specimens you've never seen before and I love educating the group on stones' metaphysical properties.

Once you make your purchase you'll be sent two things:

  • The Zoom Link
  • A Crystal Request Form! This helps us put together items that we think are best for you!

In case you missed it: ***the fee is non-refundable.*** 

Please note the images below are examples only! I cannot guarantee that all of these items will be available at the sale. 

Looking forward to seeing you and showcasing all the beautiful finds from Tucson.

Why we love this product!

We always have a really fun time at these events! Please note that if you don't like foul language or dirty jokes this might not be the right environment for you. We love to laugh and we welcome anyone with a great sense of humor and a kind heart.