Women of Science Tarot

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Science and tarot: two things that you normally wouldn't imagine could happily co-exist. In the Women of Science Tarot, that improbability is achieved highlighting both the important discoveries by female scientists and the wisdom the tarot can offer.

This 78 card tarot deck highlighting women in science is beautifully illustrated by Matteo Farinella for Massive Science and MIT Press. "For centuries tarot has been a framework for communal storytelling and prediction - now it has been updated to reflect our modern, scientific curiosity about how the world works." If you are tarot lover and a feminist, this is the perfect deck for you. Crafted much like a traditional tarot deck, it follows the major arcana and four suits. Water becomes Nano, the suit of invisible fields; Wands are now Micro, the suit of molecular fields; Discs are now represented by Macro, which includes ecology and geology; and Swords becomes the cosmic field called Astro. This deck could be studied for months, if not years, and something new will always be discovered. A wonderful deck this is a must have for any curious tarot lover who likes to explore the universe's mysteries in a variety of ways.


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Did you know Marie Curie, a woman, is the first human on the planet to receive two Nobel Prizes? She is currently only one of two laureates with a Nobel Prize in two different fields, physics and chemisty.