Three Horn Kachina (Hopi)

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Three-horn Katsina (Payik'ala) is a warrior who dances furiously, making pleasant and rhythmic sounds. He is a guard Katsina and represents swiftness and action.

The Artist, Norman Cuch (1966-- ) is Hopi, Ute and Hualapai. Norman was born at Keams Canyon AZ. He lives at Oraibi, Third Mesa, AZ. He was educated at the Phoenix Indian School and Winslow High School. Along with being one of the sweetest Hopi men, he is also a stone mason, a carpenter and a refrigeration technician. He believes that carving gives him a chance to broaden his mind. He likes being an artist because he can be his own boss and he is such a wonderful carver that it supports he and his family.

This beautiful artwork can be used to motivate and focus you towards your goals. Harness his energy. Become your own personal warrior.