Chelle Honsinger

Chelle, the Wavelite Witch and owner of Helixir Apotheke is back! This time we are focusing solely on tarot: its history, its significance and how we use it today to deepen our practices. FREE card readings for the audience at the end of our discussion!

5:30 pm MST

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Kelly Raposa

Summer Break


FYI – We’re taking a summer break from our Tuesday sessions. There will not be a Tarot Talk Tuesday on:

  • Tuesday, June 29
  • Tuesday, July 6
  • Tuesday, July 13


5:30 pm MST

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Kelly Raposa

FREE Tarot Card Readings

Returning on July 15th

We’re on Summer Break but don’t worry we’ll be back soon! Check out our Monthly Tarotscope and our daily tarot card posts until then.


10:00 am MST

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FREE one card tarot card readings

Offered every Thursday on Instagram Live at 10:00 am MST by Jacqueline Stone. Simply set your reminder and join us on Instagram!

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Community Events

Not only does Totems and Tarot host a myriad of events, but we love to support our Healers and those in our community. Here are some fantastic events worth considering.

Mystic Sessions - Sarah Rose


Mystic Sessions, with Sarah Rose of Mystic Rose Co., happens every Friday and it’s a chance to shake off the energy and momentum of the week, where we’re often working towards other’s goals to pay our bills, and gives us a chance to recenter before we head into the weekend, which is often a space of “me time,” rest, and rejuvenation.

Each session starts off with a community reading and if you catch it live you can ask to have a card pulled specifically for you! This is the only free 1-1 tarot card offering by Mystic Rose Co. and a great chance to be exposed to a new style of tarot reading meant to support your growth through practical tips, advice, and channelled guidance to support your growth and your journey.

Mystic Rising Sessions

RISING SESSIONS - June 16, 2021

Rising Sessions are a safe and cozy space where you can bring your self-limiting beliefs to toss on the communal fire and come back to your true self.
Hosted by Ryan, an Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) energy worker from @energywithryan and Sarah Rose, a tarot reader from, this mystical gathering takes place each month on the rising moon.
Once Ryan’s cleared and opened some of our energy and we’re all in that receiving mode, then Sarah Rose will do a collective tarot reading that’s intuitively designed to support you as you step into your power. Then, it’s time for energy healing and grounding.
Imagine the nourishing feeling of those late-night conversations at sleepovers with your best friends. There’s no ouija board, but it’s still magical! This divine sacred space is going to go down smoother than a cup of hot chocolate. If you love free tarot readings & energy healing, we’ll see you there, all babes are welcome.

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