Jalyn Vaughn

Water Chemist for the U.S.G.S.

Today we are delighted to welcome James Gray, a water chemist for the United States Geological Survey. What does he have to do with tarot? Not much, until MIT decided to publish the Women of Science tarot! We’ll have a quick discussion with James about his work and then move right into tarot readings. Jacqueline will offer a spiritual take and James will offer detail about the scientist on each card.

5:30 pm MST

Instagram live @totemsandtarot

James Gray Tarot Talk Tuesday

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Chelle Honsinger

Chaotic Celestial & Elemental Witch

This beautiful soul uses her craft to help others grow and navigate life. Chelle has always been drawn to the occult since she was a child – making her own ouija board and scrying mirror at 14 years old. Her newly launched brand, Helixir Apotheke, is an esoteric apothecary specializing in psychic readings & mystical wares. Join us to learn why every human is magical and divine in nature. She is offering free oracle card readings at the end of the event!


5:30 pm MST

Instagram Live @totemsandtarot

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Community Events

Not only does Totems and Tarot host a myriad of events, but we love to support our Healers and those in our community. Here are some fantastic events worth considering.

Essential Oils Workshop

Essential Oils Workshop - Starts April 3, 2021

Healer Faith Streng is going to give you the low down! Essential oils can be used to treat both physical and emotional challenges in a non-invasive way. Did you know that pharmaceutical drugs are simply imitations of the chemical makeup of natural substances like essential oils? 

Reiki Workshop

Past Life Readings - Starts April 7, 2021

Join healer Faith Streng for three weeks of Akashic Readings! We’ll identify where there is unhealed trauma in your soul’s history that is blocking your Empowered God from emerging and then release it to Source! Your masculine self may be represented by the warrior, provider, sage, hermit, hunter, emperor, explorer, father and more! 

Faith Streng Healing

Animal Totems Workshop - May 3, 2021

In many different cultures, animals are considered sacred messengers of the Divine. By merely crossing our path, they are sending us guidance, strength, and support. In our rejuvenation lives this can manifest as real animals we see, or pictures on a screen, in a magazine, or even coming up in an easy conversation. 

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Jayln Vaughn