“Tarot has the power to transform your life when you put the guidance and information to good use. I love watching my client’s face light up when they make a powerful discovery or obtain information that helps them move forward with clear direction.”

– Jacqueline Stone


Tarot Reader

Jackie Stone has been a Tarot Card Reader for over six years. Engaged in active recovery, Jackie attributes her discovery of tarot to saving her life in many ways. A product of an extremely difficult childhood, Ms. Stone is intent on helping others heal through sharing her story and her love of the cards. While tarot can give us insights and guidance on our lives, Jackie doesn’t adhere to a strict practice of divination. Although the cards can predict what happens next, we can never forget our own free will and our powers of manifestation.

Tarot Card Reader

More About Jackie

  • Tarot card reader for over 6 years
  • Founder of the Totems and Tarot
  • Pet mom to five wonderful furry beasts
  • Crystal dealer and educator
  • Fine Jewlery Design Degree from The Gemological Institute of America
  • Has lived many lives – finance, marketing, product development and much more
  • Goes out of her way to make sure her clients feel loved, safe and secure.

What is Tarot?

The cards are portals into the realm of soul and dream, each with a living presence that invites us to learn about our own inner worlds through listening to the particular wisdom and insights they bring. Through receiving readings— either to address current issues one would like clarification or guidance with— or to go deeper into a dream and meet it through the language of symbols for better understanding, we receive surprising inspirations, guidance and healing.

Is tarot the devil's work? Will god be angry?

There are many false beliefs around tarot. Tarot is a universal spiritual language that can be adopted by ANY craft or creed. The cards are simply a tool to help us connect with our Spirit Guides so we can better align our will with that of the universe’s, helping us to live our Highest Purpose. This practice is not set out to play God or Goddess, anger your conception of a Higher Power or judge your religious beliefs (if any). It’s here to act as an additional tool in your spiritual toolkit.

Is tarot reading right for me?

It’s our personal opinion that anyone could benefit from a tarot reading. Much like cognitive therapy undercovers pyschological truths, tarot reveals what’s happening on a spiritual level. It allows us to identify patterns and beliefs and to see the situation at hand more clearly. If you have a question the tarot may have the answers you’ve been searching for.


“My first reading with Jackie was so amazing. What was read was so on point to what was actually going on it was incredible. Jackie is so easy to talk to and her drive and passion for this is remarkable. Thank you so much. Actively signing up for my next one as we speak.”

– Danna Rochelle Molleda

“Jackie did an awesome tarot reading for me via Zoom. Everything in the cards and what she interpreted is exactly what I’ve been going through. I feel peaceful knowing my Angels are watching over me, and realizing my own strength. I highly recommend Jackie, she is incredibly accurate and I love her energy.”

– Lori Vigil

“Jackie is caring and deeply intuitive — you feel right away that you can trust her and that she can feel your energy — even on a zoom call. My reading was keenly in tune with my present situation, her take is insightful, and her pointed advice helped me guide my path forward. I also love that she picked a specific tarot deck for me, as the beautifully illustrated cards made reading her written report even more enjoyable. I am very thankful that Jackie shared her wisdom with me!”

– Delphine LeMarie

“The tarot reading I got from Jackie was thorough and insightful. But I was really impressed with how spot-on she was! Every communication with this sweet angel is pleasant and uplifting. Highlight recommended!”

– Lauren Steinheimer

Three words to describe Jackie would be sincere, fearless, and passionate. Not only has Jackie has been an amazing mentor, but also a friend that I feel incredibly fortunate to have crossed paths with. She has opened my eyes to the spiritual world and I so look forward to seeing the Totems & Tarot community will help others on their healing journey!

– Lindsay Geitz