Healer Profile: Ryan Blanton

Written by Jacqueline Stone

Jackie is a channel for peace. She brings the invocations of the Spirits through with her writing and her study of tarot. She can reached at [email protected]

November 3, 2020

The Healing Hub came together in an extremely organic way. I was sitting with a soul sister one day and she was venting about how hard she found it to promote herself or book clients. “I can help you!” I proclaimed. My many years of experience of digital marketing could finally be put towards good use. I would be helping people get their name out there supporting a much larger purpose. I got goosebumps. Not only would we be connecting people with Healers from a wide variety of disciplines, but it was also an opportunity to create community. I got to work.

I didn’t have any strategy putting together a group of remarkable humans for this project. I just asked the universe to help me find them. Ryan and I were connected through an online female forum, The Vortex, a high vibe honey hive for boss babes who operate from a spiritual ethos. In one of the chats a magical women started a tarot reading exchange. I jumped aboard just for fun, thinking nothing of it. I reached out to Ryan to set up a time. 

The moment Ryan and I connected I knew immediately she was a soul sister and I wanted to get to know her better. She is extremely intelligent, kind, perspective and honest. She helps illuminate our blind spots in the softest, most gentle way possible. I love the ways she reads cards and I’ve benefited greatly from her energy work. It’s an honor having her as a part of the Healers Hub! I think she’s wonderful and wanted to take a moment to interview her so you all could get to know her a little bit more.

What is an energy worker?

Energy work taps into our energy body and helps clear blockages and stagnant energy that we accumulate from living our modern lives. Much like how a kink in a water hose can stop the flow of water, blocks in our energy field can interrupt our energetic flow.

I am here to help remove any of those kinks (imbalances, stagnant energy, stress, limiting beliefs etc…). I am the facilitator and guide, here to make things easier for you. However, you, the client, and your body are the hero in this situation; it naturally knows how to heal!

What does IET stand for?

IET stands for Integrated Energy Therapy. It is a channeled healing modality, similar to Reiki. While Reiki taps into Universal Source Energy, IET uses Angelic Energy from the angelic realm. Angelic energy is gentle yet high-frequency and, to me, feels like a warm hug and bubbly laughter.

IET releases blocks and negative beliefs from our cellular memory and integrates a high-frequency empowered energy. It reduces stress and makes you feel lighter and more rejuvenated and promotes healing on all levels. It is a great modality for emotional blocks and promoting empowered feelings.

What does the word Wayfinder mean? 

Wayfinding is the process of navigating by using signs. Historically it meant sea travel. Today you can even study wayfinding as design or psychology, building and understanding environments in relation to ourselves. While many cultures have used wayfinding, early Polynesians are known as the best in history. They used nature, the elements, and the stars to navigate thousands of miles of the ocean with the utmost precision. Truly  both an art and a science.

Wayfinding also hits close to home. I grew up on the water, a small town in North Carolina. As a child I watched the water channels shift because of storms and listened to the stories of the seafaring folks in my life. I gazed at the North Star at night and imagined what it’d be like to have to traverse that dark expanse of the sea, to survive not only the elements but the Graveyard of the Atlantic – a resting ground of over 5,000 shipwrecks. I knew that there were a lot of people – people who deeply understood the local land and the stars – that had survived the waters and made this place their home. I was entranced and in awe, and told myself that one day I would learn the stars on how to navigate the world.

To come back to why I chose the word Wayfinder… that’s how I see our journey to our soul’s purpose. To discover our soul’s path, we must become our own master navigators of natural signs. We must listen to the stars and see what they tell us.

What is a Wayfinder Session? Who would benefit from this?

Wayfinder sessions incorporate IET, the 8th chakra (the “book of your soul”),  and powerful visualization to help you discover your path, smash limiting beliefs, and manifest the life of your dreams.

It’s the next step on the energy journey. First we remove the ick that was holding us back (the stress, burn out, limiting beliefs, stuck emotions, etc…) and then we use energy to help us bring in a life of our desires!

These sessions are perfect for those who have been on their healing journey for a while or have had at least 1-2 IET sessions with me.

 How did you fall into this line of work?

 I always knew I’d be a healer. It was both an intense knowing and confirmed from the healers I was using.

I had childhood Lyme and started to see natural practitioners to support my body in 2012. It wasn’t until my father passed in 2014 that I really dove deep on my healing journey. I realized that I could no longer keep living the way I had been living, repressing emotions, keeping myself small, and expecting the worst. My journey has led me to naturopathy, reiki, body talk, body code, IET, and so many other modalities.

I came into IET by my own energy therapist. It was one of her own modalities and I found it so powerful. I am currently an Advanced IET practitioner with a desire to become a Master (so I can teach) and excited to learn more!

 Could you tell us more about your personal story?

Not only did I have childhood Lyme, but both of my parents were really sick. My mom was also a caregiver so I was around a lot of sick, old people in my childhood. I also came from a family that never talked about emotions at all. Coming from this background, it really skewed my reality on what health truly meant and also how to process any sort of emotions.

 This led to so much health anxiety and also a complete lack of care of my body. I had, what I consider, a nervous breakdown at 25. It was a year after my dad died and my nervous system was completely shot. I couldn’t even go to the grocery store without having panic attacks. I was also in grad school at the time and feeling very stressed and lonely.

 At 27, I found my energy therapist and she had the most profound change in my life. We worked on so many limiting beliefs, so much old programming. By this time I had been on my Lyme healing journey for 5 years and I was feeling a lot better, but I still had health anxiety and still felt like I was fighting so hard and spending so much effort into “being healthy”. After many, many months together, I had a big breakthrough! I had so many damaging and negative beliefs around being sick that was keeping me from vibrant health!  I didn’t even realize it! Some examples: I didn’t deserve good health. That it was impossible for me to be healthy. That me being sick was the thing that connected me to others. That being sick kept me small and comfortable. Shedding these beliefs was my biggest catalyst! Once that shifted, everything else started to fall in place.

I feel like a completely different person now and it’s why I first work on the beliefs of transformation, success, and health with my clients. If we don’t believe it’s possible to succeed and feel better and have a life that we want, then no amount of energy work will help.

What can clients expect after working with you?

Directly after sessions, folks can feel that after-massage drunk. Lethargic and kinda heavy. That’s just the energy moving and shifting. I always plan to have a chill day after energy work and drink lots of water and stretch.

Sessions can take up to a week for the energy to fully integrate. And during this time you can feel your beliefs shift; your outlook becoming brighter; a renewed sense of space for change and positive shifts. Many folks tend to feel relaxed and as if weight has been lifted off their shoulders. It can also bring some emotions to the surface that are needing to be released. They won’t stay for long and feel them however best you do so: journaling, movement, meditating, crying. Many start to see signs and manifestations coming through. That’s because we’re raising our vibrations and changing our thought patterns and connecting us to the divine.

Also, as a reminder, our beliefs are deeply woven into us and into other beliefs. One session can create all the difference but sometimes we need to work on the different layers and have multiple sessions to truly unwind the old stories.

I also understand you are into plant medicine. What is something useful for people to use/create as we enter into cold season?

I love plants! I love herbs! They’re a big part of my daily routine. I am not an herbalist (yet) so I will just share how I am transitioning to the colder and darker months.

I am a big fan of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and they have a big belief that we must keep our internal fire hot. Especially now during this in-between season time. That means, wearing socks and slippers inside. Keeping your feet warm. Pausing on cold beverages and foods and drinking ginger tea. My current favorite tea is ginger and orange peel. It’s immune boosting and warming and helps promote lung health, which we all need right now.

I also am keeping up my nervines which are herbs that support the nervous system. I make a daily infusion of oat straw, chamomile, lemon balm, and rose. To make an infusion: place a few tablespoons of each herb in a 32 oz mason jar. Fill with boiling water and let steep for 4+ hours. Strain and drink throughout the day. I reuse the herbs once more the next day.

 Could you please elaborate on what someone can expect during their very first session?

 In each session, we will chat a little bit on what brought you to energy work and IET and your intention for the session. I will wrap us up in a pink bubble of light and love so only what serves our highest good and the safety of all can come through. 

 As this is over the phone, I’ll have you be comfortable on the couch, chair, or bed. I’ll connect my energy with yours and I’ll get to work. There’s a possibility that you can feel heat, tingling, or another sensation in certain body parts while I’m working. You may also yawn, burp, get sleepy, get energized, feel happy, feel a little sad, or feel nothing at all.

After the session, we will sit and chat for a bit, discussing anything that came up. I’ll typically give you some sort of homework.

What methods do you use in your process?

My favorite tools to use are IET, muscle testing, pendulum, oracle and tarot cards, journaling, visualization, and affirmations.

How do you hope to help people on their healing journey?

I struggled A LOT during my journey. And things were harder and took longer than they had to. I would not change my path because it taught me those lessons so I could share. I am a 3/5 in Human Design which means I am here to learn the hard way and fail and succeed so I can then teach others what I’ve learned.

So I hope to help folks by supporting what I think are the 4 keys to healing:

1) Support the nervous system so we can spend more time in our rest and digest mode and actually heal

2) Incorporate joy and fun

3) Release limiting beliefs around healing/ourselves

4) Integrate new thoughts and patterns

I also help people on their healing journey by stepping into my own purpose. I deeply know that I can help the world through my own beacon of bright light just by being me. So know that I am here as your camp counselor. I am enthusiastic, support safe and fun spaces to heal and explore, lead fun and creative spiritual programs, and haven’t met an icebreaker that I didn’t like. 🙂

Why did you decide to become a part of the Totems and Tarot Healers Hub?

I love sisterhood. I love the beautiful things that come out of combining magic and bringing people together.

Also, we are on the cusp of a new age. People are awakening and realizing that there is more to life than what we ever thought. We are allowed to feel good. We are allowed to be abundant and prosperous. We are allowed to shine our light brightly! And it’s powerful and an honor to be a part of a safe and supportive place like Totems and Tarot Healers Hub that supports this transformational journey for folks!

Ryan can be found on our Healers Hub (launches November 11, 2020) or on her website.

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