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What if you could work with healers from around the country with a click of a button? Totems and Tarot has created just that, a community of vetted Healers* across a variety of disciplines. We don’t claim to have the cure, but we do know how to help you heal, learn and grow. It’s never an easy journey, but it’s always worth it.


*Please note that none of the Healers listed here are certified counselors or therapists. We take mental health seriously! These practices should be adjunct to any treatment you receive from a licensed professional and should not be considered a formal course of treatment.


Jacqueline Stone

Tarot Reader


Jacqueline Stone has been a Healer and Tarot Card Reader for over five years. Ms. Stone is in active recovery from alcoholism and attributes her discovery of tarot to saving her life. A product of a extremely difficult and abusive childhood, Ms. Stone is intent on helping others heal through sharing her story and her love of the cards. While tarot can give us insights and guidance on our lives, Ms. Stone doesn’t adhere to a practice of divination. Although the cards can predict what happens next, we can never forget our own free will and our powers of manifestation.

Tarot Reading – Celtic Cross

Curious about tarot but not sure where to start? This reading utilizes the Celtic Cross Spread to illuminate what the Guides want you to hear the most. By approaching tarot with an open mind you often receive the clearest message.

45 Minutes


Love Spread

Whether you’re in a long-term relationship or single, the cards can help us see what lurks in the shadows. These spreads offer deeper self-awareness and guidance on how to move ahead with happiness in your heart.

60 Minutes


Career Spread

Feeling stuck? Not sure what move to make next? This spread can offer clarity to the situation at hand and offer insight on how to break through barriers and start building a life of your dreams.

60 Minutes



Transformational Coach


Tiffany Gingrich is a living example of the power of transformation. Ms. Gingrich worked for decades as a hair stylist until a debilitating car accident left her in chronic pain. Through her close connection to the Divine and incredible work-ethic, Tiffany went back to college to obtain a degree in psychology. After earning her Bachelors in Psychology from NKU, she went on to study Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), the Enneagram, hypnosis, meditation, personal development and more about the field of health and wellness. Her goal is to help you create a life you love and enjoy the health and wellness you deserve.

Transformational Life Coaching

In these sessions, we will use Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) which provides powerful and lasting results by working with the subconscious mind to bring about change. This work will help you to break through old limiting beliefs, drastically improve your patterns of thinking and revolutionize your daily habits. You will feel empowered to step into the best version of yourself and create a life you love. 

60 Minutes


Health and Wellness Coaching

Invest in yourself and your health with personalized health and wellness coaching, using Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to recreate healthy habits in your life, reach your own personal health goals and amaze yourself with a total transformation.  Transformative results around: mindset, exercise, nutrition, intermittent fasting, water, sleep, stress management, meditation, etc.

60 Minutes



Oracle Reader, Dreamtender


The designer and creator of the Tulku Oracle (set to launch in early 2021), Karla draws on her background as an artist, pilgrim, dreamer, spiritual journeyer, healer and lover of the natural world to help others heal. As a Dreamtender, Oracle card reader and Plant Spirit Medicine healer, her wish is to bring creative guidance and inspiration to help others live from their wholeness. She is a graduate of the Plant Spirit Medicine healer training program taught by Eliot Cowan. Karla has also completed the advanced DreamTending certification program taught by Dr. Stephen Aizenstat at Pacifica University.

Dreamtending Session

The practice of DreamTending involves going back into the dream using active imagination, resulting in the experience of something akin to a shamanic journey. Together, we embark on a journey of curiosity and discovery, creating relationships with dream figures who offer themselves up as teachers, healers and guides. We uncover fields of richness which spark creativity and imagination, while opening the doorway to the mystery in our waking lives. Tending dreams lit by the fire of presence, curiosity and imagination— is a deep dive into uncovering our own creativity, soul voice, and the vast realm of possibilities always available to us.

90 Minutes


Oracle Card Reading

The Tulku Oracle deck (currently in production) is a collection of 53 cards representing the different symbols, archetypes and totems of the Tulku Jewels amulet collection. The cards are portals into the realm of soul and dream, each with a living presence that invites us to learn about our own inner worlds through listening to the particular wisdom and insights they bring. Through receiving readings— either to address current issues one would like clarification or guidance with— or to go deeper into a dream and meet it through the language of symbols for better understanding, we receive surprising inspirations, guidance and healing. 

90 Minutes



Energy Healer


A 3/5 Emotional Manifestor, Ryan is an energy worker and guide. After having a spiritual crisis several years ago, she was guided to start working with a therapist that employed IET (Integrated Energy Therapy). She was shocked to discover that she was able to accomplish in a few hours what normally took years of talk therapy. She decided to change her trajectory and become a Healer full-time. Ryan works with channeled angelic energy to release what isn’t serving you, raise your vibration, and guide you to your soul’s mission so you can carry out your purpose and effortlessly share your light with the world. She believes that when you feel good and live your best life, you are making the world a better place.

Energy Healing Session

Gentle energy healing to release stagnant energy and old beliefs from your field while integrating high-frequency, pure angelic love and vibrancy! This session includes: 10 minute consultation, 35 minute energy work and a 5 minute wrap up.

50 Minutes


Energy Healing Session

Gentle energy healing to release stagnant energy and old beliefs from your field while integrating high-frequency, pure angelic love and vibrancy! This session includes: 10 minute consultation, 60 minute energy work and a 5 minute wrap up.

75 Minutes


Wayfinder Session

A special blend of angelic energy and powerful visualization to help you discover your path, smash limiting beliefs, and manifest your dream life! In this 85 minute session you’ll have a 10 minute consultation, 65 minutes of energy work (focused around blocks) and a 10 minute wrap-up. This session also includes 60 minutes of pre-work (vision boarding, journal prompts and an energy-infused meditation) to be completed prior to our session.*

*Please note that you must have at least (1) energy healing session prior to your Wayfinder Journey.

85 Minutes


Sliding Scale

We understand that not every can afford our pricing. If you are unable to afford our services simply email us:

hello (at) totemsandtarot.com

The Healers Hub was created to help people heal, develop, grow, learn and love. We will do our very best to accommodate your needs.