Healer’s Profile: Tiffany Gingrich

Written by Jacqueline Stone

Jackie is a channel for peace. She brings the invocations of the Spirits through with her writing and her study of tarot. She can reached at [email protected]

January 12, 2021

Almost nine years ago I walked into the rooms of a twelve step program, dejected, depressed and contemplating suicide. Little did I know that it would be the start of a new life, one I could have never imagined. One of my first allies on this journey was Tiffany Gingrich. Living half her time in Ohio and the other half in New York City, a fateful call from her hundreds of miles away is a turning point that saved my life. Since that time we have been each other’s biggest cheerleaders, taking our mantra from the honey badger, as “he just takes what he wants.” We’ve seen each other at our worst and it’s so unbelievable to meet again here on our healing journey where we have both reached a place on our path that we can offer our experience, strength and hope to others. While my modality of healing focuses on tarot, Tiffany has taken a much different path. That is the beauty of the Healers Hub. We celebrate and honor all forms of healing. My Honey Badger has a focus on transformational coaching. I felt it important to interview her so I could better understand the gifts she has to offer the world.

What is a transformational coach?

A transformational coach helps people to better themselves and their lives by bringing about necessary changes in behavior and how the clients see themselves. Transformational coaches are results-driven and often use the power of the subconscious mind to help their clients achieve their desired outcomes.

How did you fall into this line of work? 

I have always been drawn to personal development. As a teen, I enjoyed watching Tony Robbins and Zig Ziglar. I’ve discovered so many other incredible teachers over the years. After earning my bachelors in psychology, I decided to change gears and study Neuro Linguistic Programing (NLP) as I knew that it was scientifically based, powerful and had changed more in my life than anything else I had ever practiced. I began working with my own NLP coach and was blown away by the results.

What challenges have you faced? How did you overcome them?

Trauma has shown up in my life in a variety of ways. I experienced an emotionally traumatic childhood and then built that familiar environment in adulthood, creating many self-imposed traumas. I also understand the impact of physical trauma as I was in a serious head-on car accident at 100mph impact. It resulted in reconstructive neck surgery. Today I work through chronic pain and continually go through procedures in hospitals. I’ve overcome these challenges through therapy, a 12 step program, deep inner work, spiritual practices such as prayer, meditation, breathwork, NLP, and working with others to help heal my own heart.

Could you tell us more about your personal story? 

Nothing could ever really put my light out. My mother suffers from mental health issues and because of such, I never felt I belonged. As a child I lived with many different families growing up, four of those years by people I called Ma and Pa. I was always the new girl in school. I excelled until I found myself pregnant at 18 years old where I made life hard for myself. I struggled HARD for almost nine years. I began turning it all around at age 27 and have never looked back. Through the power of God, community (friends that became family), forgiveness, personal development, therapy and healing, I completely changed the direction of my life. Healing from all of that has been my greatest gift and helping others to heal is what I believe I was put here on earth to do. 

How have you transformed in your own life?

Transformation occurs when healing becomes your primary focal point. My life looks completely different than the life I lived prior to all of the work I’ve done. Today I walk happy, joyous and free with a fairly positive outlook on life. Spiritually is my main focus and the foundation to my awakening. I now have found a career that sets my heart on fire and makes me feel like I am doing what I was called here to do.  I’ve traveled the world and found true purpose in serving and loving others.

What can clients expect after working with you?

A total 360 degree transformation of their mindset which then translates into transformations of the body, relationships, career, finances and their life. 

Could you please elaborate on what someone can expect during their very first session?

During the first session we will be looking at where you want to go (desired outcomes you’d like to achieve), where you are now in your current reality (and who you are showing up as in life), and get clear on what limiting beliefs, fears and doubts are standing in the way of you bringing your desired goals and outcomes to reality.

I see you offer health and wellness sessions. Could you please explain how this differs from transformational coaching? 

Some clients have a need to focus more on their health and wellness in order to live a full life of vitality and feeling good.  So we just put a little more focus on that area of their life. But learning to become a conscious choice maker of how we feel and think….it affects ALL areas of a client’s life.  Health and wellness coaching clients get more info and accountability on topics like: creating healthier habits around eating and exercise (eliminating the self-sabotaging patterns), intermittent fasting, the gut-brain connection, sleep, water, stress management, and so much more.

What methods do you use in your process? Why do you think these are successful?

NLP or neuro linguistic programming is the heart and soul of my process together with my clients. This is implemented by coaching sessions with me on Zoom, questionnaires and journaling prompts, recordings, meditations and weekly emotional exercises. We focus on habit breaking and forming, identifying belief systems, creating healthy boundaries and so much more. There are so many small actions we can take each day to transform our lives. My weekly calls with my clients helps them stay accountable. It also becomes more effortless when they see the results in action. It motivates them to do more!

I believe these methods of learning are successful because they incorporate scientifically based methods and procedures to effect real and lasting change to the subconscious mind (which is driving all of our behavior). This work helps a person examine the beliefs they’ve held their entire lives and begin to think new thoughts, create new neural-pathways and step up as a powerful creator of their own life.  They no longer live at the effect of everything going on around them. They learn to CHOOSE their thoughts, feelings and actions.

Tell us more about brain science. Why does it light you up?

Learning the power of the subconscious mind is liberating. Once a client realizes that their thoughts and emotional baselines can be changed….well it opens them up to a whole new world. Learning the science behind manifestation makes it less woo-woo and more concrete reality. Then people are more inclined to actually take the action needed to get to where they want to go, when they are convinced that it will actually give them their desired results. I love what I do as it’s not just theory, it’s a proven hypothesis.

How do you hope to help people on their healing journey?

I help them step into their power as the creator of their own life and release everything standing in the way. This is created by building new thought patterns. I help them heal the old stagnant negative energies that they’ve been fixated on and step into who they want to show up as in life, releasing what no longer serves them.

Why did you decide to become a part of the Totems and Tarot Healers Hub?

Because Jackie is the bomb.com, an amazing friend in my life. She created a beautiful place for healers to come together and share our gifts. It’s an opportunity to support other healers and nice to have fellow women on the journey since most of us work alone.  I love the community she is creating. Anything related to healing and I say YES. 

Book a session with Tiffany today on our Healers Hub! She can also be found on her website where you can find more details about her online course and healing retreats.



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