January 2021 Tarotscope
January 2020 Tarotscope

Written by Jacqueline Stone

Jackie is a channel for peace. She brings the invocations of the Spirits through with her writing and her study of tarot. She can reached at [email protected]

December 28, 2020

Praise Goddess! 2021 has finally arrived. Can you believe it?! I’m so grateful that we can finally close the door on 2020. As a recap: we faced a global pandemic, a wild election, a civil rights movement and let’s not forget murder hornets. Energetically we were asked to look at ALL the skeletons in the closet at once. It was a time of some serious shadow work. 

I’m so excited that Saturn has left Capricorn and the planets have shifted in a new direction. Can you feel that powerful energy? While 2020 was the year of self-discovery, self-improvement and serious change, 2021 is the year of manifestation. What do you want to do with your life? What is your perfect day? If you can dream it, you can have it. 

The cards this month reflect how hard we’ve worked to ascend to greater light and love. May you start the year with a moment of reflection and praise for the work you’ve done. In this odd three dimensional reality where separateness is the main illusion, take heed in knowing that you have been calling in your soul group and the abundance of the universe. It’s here to greet you in a loving embrace.


P.S. The deck featured in this month’s Tarotscope is The Muse Tarot by Chris-Anne. Isn’t it gorgeous?

Capricorn (Dec 22 – Jan 20) – Queen of Materials

Capricorn, no one in the Zodiac is quite as concerned with their career as you. It can consume your very existence and become obsessive when not tempered with self-care and time for fun. The Queen of Materials is a wonderful pull for you this month. It shows you are very much on the path to a happy destiny and soon prosperity is on its way. However, this Queen doesn’t climb to the top forcefully like the patriarchy would have her. No, she does her work by creating community, supporting others, nurturing communication and offering wise counsel. Her work on this planet is accomplished through service and the mark of a job well done is not calculated by numbers. It’s determined by how many lives have been positively affected by her work. This month I encourage you to find a new way of measuring success. While those dollar signs have significance they are not the end all, be all. You’ll actually watch more money flow into your bank account the more you direct your attention to others than yourself or your business. Sounds counterintuitive doesn’t it?! Well it’s been my experience that the universe always rewards those who are here to help lift up the collective, not just their own material gains. How can you reach out to help someone in need?

Aquarius (Jan 21-Feb 19) – 7 of Inspiration (Wands)

Oh sweet Aquarius, please don’t dim your light to make others around you feel comfortable. You’ve done incredibly well this year, despite the chaos and confusion. Those who secretly harbor jealousy have been trying to keep you small. Perhaps it’s done with a biting comment or a refusal for help. Do not get resentful but instead compassionate. Many are struggling with the dramatic energetic shift of 2020. They haven’t embraced this new paradigm and are fighting it tooth and nail. They are taking out their frustrations and dissatisfaction on their own progress out on you. It can be extremely painful when someone you love doesn’t offer you unconditional love in kind. Do your best to forgive them, but also make sure to set a healthy boundary. You do not need to continue offering your precious time towards relationships that aren’t there to support you and your greatest good. What you can do instead is deepen your relationship with those operating at a high vibrational frequency. These are folks who join you in celebration. Your joy is their joy. These are the friendships that need nurturing. Who is someone who has surprised you with your kindness this year? What could you do to show them you’re one of their biggest fans?

Pisces (Feb 20-Mar 20) – The Sun

The Sun is by far my favorite card from the major arcana. When this card is pulled I can actually feel that bright, warm glow of the sunlight of the spirit. She has the ability to heal and transform. I took a class last year at Psychic Horizons. It was for empaths wanting to learn how to protect themselves and their energetic space. One of the visualizations we had was imagining a big bright sun that glowed brightly above our being. We were asked to fill it with everything we need. It could be as simply as a cup of coffee or as complicated as forgiveness. Once we found that the sun was radiating with our self-described wish list we let it drip down over our head filling any of our cracks with bright light. Try out this visualization for yourself this month. What do you need? What does the warm glow of the sun have to offer you? Bask in her greatness and know that you truly have all that you need, always.

Aries (Mar 21-Apr 19) – The Tower

The Tower is the personification of 2020. It’s sudden upheaval and change as shoddy foundations crumble and fall away. It can be extremely painful and disconcerting. Sit in the discomfort. Don’t try to run away from it, for it has something important to tell you. As crazy as that sounds, give it a try. We are so often distracting ourselves from our current reality with electronics, music, wine, drugs, even reading! Back in 2015 New York Public radio had a promotion called Bored and Brilliant. They demonstrated how creativity and new ideas were at an all time low as we feed the constant need to be entertained. Resist the urge this month. If the tears come don’t wipe them away and instead let them pour down your cheeks. When the anger takes over don’t engage in road rage antics and opt to find an empty field scream in until your voice goes hoarse. And if along this journey you make some harsh discoveries about yourself please do not use them to jump onto the shame train. Simply greet your character defects with the same love and compassion you’d cheerfully offer a sick friend. Get to know them. For with every defect there is an asset waiting to be discovered. As you clear away the wreckage from the house of cards, start to lay down the bricks towards a new future, this time with a solid foundation and a pure heart. 

Taurus (Apr 20-May 20) – 10 of Inspiration (Wands)

Feeling burdened? Time to lighten the load. And the only way to do that is to surrender and admit you can’t do it all alone. How fascinating it is that we as a society struggle with asking for help. Think back to villages centuries ago where reliance on your neighbor was your key to survival! Now that our primal needs have been met we are starting to watch community crumble, especially as we create these fake realities online. What are some actions you could take this month in the opposite direction? Could you make digital wellness a priority? Ban electronics from the bedroom? Turn off your phone for at least 6 hours a day? If my suggestions sound horrifying perhaps this is your wake-up call. Life feels overwhelming and you are looking for answers in the endless pit of dopamine hits you receive from each text, like or comment. Break free from this false well of hope and find your true connection as you reconnect with Goddess. When was the last time you spoke to a Higher Power of your understanding? What did they have to say back to you? My guess is that they told you that they love you, that they are always here and they will never, ever leave your side. All you had to do was say hello.

Gemini (May 21-Jun 21) – 5 of Inspiration (Wands)

Did you know that competition is a distorted modality invented by the unbalanced patriarchy? It’s true! We’ve been taught that we must be in competition with one another in order to be successful. What a silly lie! Next time you find yourself scrolling aimlessly through Instagram comparing and despairing, stop to reflect. Part of the social media machine is to garner your attention and your pocketbook: you’re not rich enough, cool enough, fashionable enough, fit enough. Capital gains built upon your misery is a monster that needs to be destroyed. Before we can slay the dragon we first need to awaken from the nightmare. You are enough. Say it out loud. And say it again for those in the back. Take back your power! Every time you put yourself down you’ve wasted a beautiful opportunity to learn and grow. Competition will take some time to disintegrate and many will greet you in this fear-based society with aggression. Smile, wave and move on. Only invite those to your table who too have started to ascend towards the light. In this space we all understand the infinite abundance of the universe. And we can do so much more together than when we keep up the guise that we are living apart. What’s one small action you could take this month in this direction?

Cancer (Jun 22-July 23) – 8 of Emotions (Cups)

Recently I’ve been introduced to Ho’oponopono. Simplified it’s the Hawaiian meditation for forgiveness. The Eight of Emotions (Cups) indicates a time to walk away from something that no longer brings you joy. Whether it’s a person, place or thing, I’m confident this cord cutting exercise will assist you greatly. There are many examples you can find on YouTube. The tonality or the imagery might change, but the words spoken remain constant: “I’m sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you, I love you.” While it may sound horrifying to apologize to a recent enemy or long-battled foe, remember that forgiveness is not about the other person. No, forgiveness is about letting go and clearing away whatever blocks you from your greatest good. While it might be necessary to close some doors this month, make it a priority to do this with compassion and kindness. As you softly let these negative energies drift away you’ll feel good about yourself knowing that your side of the street is clean and that you severed the relationship with dignity and honor. When you find yourself not truly ready to offer this affirmation to another person ask yourself this: How free do you want to be?

Leo (Jul 24 – Aug 23) – 3 of Inspiration (Wands)
Have you ever found it fascinating how we talk to children rather than how we talk to adults? We tell kids that the world is their oyster, that they can do anything, be anything and have anything that they want. Why does there seem to be a metaphysical cutoff point around these powers of manifestation? The 3 of Inspiration is the opening to a portal where you have zoomed out of the situation to take in the big picture. You can see everything so clearly and you know exactly how to proceed. While you start moving in this magical direction take the unwarranted feedback from your peers with a wary eye. Would they offer you this same counsel if you were a toddler? Step back into spiritual kindergarten where enthusiasm reigns supreme. Rainbows, butterflies and colorful markers are the stuff of magic. Lofty dreams are cradled and nurtured with care. Naps are encouraged as is quiet time. We could all benefit from going back to basics. When did we all get so jaded? While we might not be able to deconstruct the web of chaos created by current societal constructs, we can always shift our attitude. Embrace your inner child and their desire to play this month. From the mouth of babes comes some incredible wisdom.

Virgo (Aug 24-Sep 22) – The Devil

Depression is often rooted in obsessive thinking, a cycle of negative thoughts that seems to be all encompassing. Be careful how you speak to yourself: “I’m bad with money,” is a manifestation waiting to come true. The universe listens more closely than you might imagine. How about this instead, “I’m developing a healthier relationship with money as I’m committed to learning new habits and asking others for guidance.” Break out the journal and write down every single fear that is currently swirling around in your head. Freewrite and don’t give it much thought. Just get it out. Now go back through the list and see how you could reframe the fear with faith. “I’m scared my boyfriend will leave me,” now becomes “I’m learning how to work on my self-confidence so that I’m not dependent on anyone for happiness. I’m creating healthy habits with my partner so that we can work as a team to honor and support one another.” It might take some practice. Perhaps try this exercise with a friend. Trust me you are not the only one sitting in fear right now. There are so many uncertainties in our world at the moment! Try calling one of your closest confidants and ask them if they’ll do this with you. I think both of you will benefit from not only reframing your fears, but also understanding that you are not alone. “Figure it out alone,” was never a sermon from a mount on high.

Libra (Sep 23-Oct 22) – Temperance

Often we see this card depicted as a saint pouring liquid back and forth between two vessels. The root of this word, to ‘temper’ is defined as ‘to bring to a more suitable state by blending or mixing.’ Hence one is said to have a ‘bad temper’ when they throw cutting insults into the discussion rather than soothing pleasantries. Always an arbitrator of peace, how can you encourage those around you to follow suit this month? Lately there seems to be a constant need to prove that “we’re right and you’re wrong.” Why so black and white? We are all cut from the same cloth of existential matter. It’s woven from the same thread. So the more you reject the mirror that stands before you, the more you reject yourself. What are some ways that you can foster mutual understanding? What immediately comes to mind is a surf school in Ireland. While the physical war is long over, the emotional one still rages on between the Catholics and the Protestants. Instead of focusing on their differences, this tiny group decided to ‘hang ten’ instead. They soon found their commonalities greatly outweighed their differences. Jesus would be proud. What is something fun and delightful you could encourage this month to bring people together? It could be as simple as a game of Jenga.

Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 22) – The Hanged Muse

Probably my favorite in this deck, the creator of The Muse Tarot has depicted herself in this card. The Hanged Muse, or The Hanged Man, is a card that has long been misunderstood. If you look closely you’ll notice this jokester might be hanging upside down, but always with a sly little grin. This card is not necessarily about being blocked, but calling for a shift in perspective. It’s fascinating how a little turn in a different direction can offer so much wisdom and insight. According to Antoine Court De Gebelin this card was originally the personification of prudence or pede suspenso, the foot suspended. It’s a time of reflection before we step ahead again, this time carefully and with consideration. Where could your thought pattern benefit from a new light? And how to get there? An exercise I find useful is making lists. On the first one I title it, “Things I Thought Were Going to Happen, But Never Did.” And the second list is given the name “Moments Where My Higher Power Did for Me What I Could Not Do for Myself.” Sometimes we need to review our history before we can embrace our future. What does yours have to say?

Sagittarius (Nov 23-Dec 20) – Queen of Emotions (Cups)

Have you been living for someone else? Living in the shadow of the soul you worship? Where is YOUR altar? This is a rich and joyful time of self-discovery where you start to ascertain what makes you happy from the inside out. We are constantly picking up and putting on different masks for a variety of situations and personalities. When all that is stripped away what is left behind? It’s important to check in and say hello to your highest Self. What purpose must it carry out in this lifetime? What challenges has it overcome? When I think of the Queen of Cups her cup always runneth over. She constantly fills her glass with esteemable acts so that she has more to give back to her Self. When we’ve lost our rosy glow it’s often because we started looking for happiness in the wrong places. Usually these spots are self-directed with our own personal material gains as the center focus. Life is all about balance and while ambition has its place, so does community and connection. The Queen achieved her spot in the royal court by letting her heart lead the way. If you’d been debating about taking a leap, here is your sign. Go for it. Your heart has spoken and it’s time to heed the call. 

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