June Tarotscopes: Monthly Tarot Horoscopes for Each Zodiac Sign
June Tarotscope

Written by Jacqueline Stone

Jackie is a channel for peace. She brings the invocations of the Spirits through with her writing and her study of tarot. She can reached at [email protected]

May 27, 2021

Hello Gorgeous,

Today I sat outside, soaking up the sun’s powerful rays, as I pulled cards for each sign. That warm and abundant energy lit up each and every card I drew. It’s the first time I’ve ever put together a tarotscope where the messages from our Guides were nothing but positive and radiant. Perhaps I need to do my readings outside more often!

The tarot acts as a metaphysical mirror, illuminating what is already present, right below the surface. I shouldn’t be surprised at the sunny reading as the Collective Unconscious is experiencing profound spiritual celebration. We’ve long been confined to our homes and as we slowly reemerge into this new world we get to embrace it with renewal and hope. I’ve been having fun lately reconnecting with friends and OMG, hugs!!! Did you miss hugs as much as I did?

For this month’s reading, I used the Light Seer’s Tarot and if it’s resonating with you, then you can get your own on our site right now. Be sure to read for your rising sign and your moon as well. There were some powerful messages that came through and I think it’s worth reading.


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Gemini June Tarotscope

(May 21-Jun 21) – King of Cups

Is it true? This is ‘The Work’ by Byron Katie, a favorite author of mine. This is a question I want you to ask yourself often and frequently this month dear Gemini. If someone came at me with vengeance spouting nonsense about my ignorance around mathematics, I’d proud laugh and say “You know what man? You’re probably right.”

Now if someone started popping off about how I know nothing about tarot, I’m not sure I would immediately respond with the same calm, collected response. They would have hit a nerve. However, is it true? Is it true that I know nothing about tarot? In the grand scheme of our vast and infinite universe I’ve probably only scratched the surface. When you zoom out to zoom back in, you can see that your hater has a point. Katie helps us see our how our greatest enemies become our biggest teachers. Bring this big, bad ass King of Cups energy to the month ahead. Often diplomacy and curiosity where calamity is expected.

Cancer June Tarotscope

(Jun 22-July 23) – The Chariot

Many people like to talk about their dreams. You sweet Cancer, are all action. You have slowly but surely made your dreams into a reality. Each day you wake up ready and activated for manifestation. The only times you don’t see your dreams come to fruition? People, places and things. This is a month to keep your desires to yourself or only close-mouthed friends. As you are such a sensitive soul you are very easily swayed by those around you.

And while your friends or loved ones may have your best interests at heart, no one, no one but you, truly understands the right path forward. Start dropping into some deep meditation and breathwork this month to reconnect with that wise inner knowing. There is still much for you to do in this world and the self-sabotage, worries and doubts are no longer allowed along for the ride. While fear is always present and sometimes helpful, make sure he sits in the trunk and isn’t trying to drive.

Leo June Tarotscope

(Jul 24 – Aug 23) – The Empress

Well, they told us it couldn’t be done Leo, but you’ve proved them wrong once again. You’ve demonstrated that it’s possible to be in a position of power exuding love, compassion and forgiveness.

The Empress, or the divine mother, reminds of us the place from which we came and to what we will return. Only love exists in this sacred space, the rest is just a mirage. How can you offer yourself the love The Empress embodies so gracefully? Leos, the fiery lions, often have a lot of masculine and direct energy. How can you balance this with the feminine? Do you ALWAYS have to be productive? This month I want you to focus one day each week to complete unproductivity. No laundry to fold, no dishes to be done, no work to be had, no problems to solve. Go lay in a hammock and read a book. Paint a picture. Talk a walk outside. Do whatever feels good that does NOT have an end result. Sometimes you just need to go nowhere for a while.

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Virgo June Tarotscope

(Aug 24-Sep 22) – Temperance

Understanding is your way word this month dear Virgo with active listening as your motive operando. It’s essential for you to offer a gentle and judgement-free container for those around you. As a practical earth sign, you are often found landing the esoteric in reality.

Not this time. Let’s flip it and reverse it. Less action, more pause. Temperance asks us to step back to pause and reflect, and more importantly to balance. Have patience with those around you who don’t seem to be operating on the same wavelength as you. Instead of hostile frustration why not offer thoughtful curiosity where your experience becomes a lifeboat, rather than a weapon. How can you be of service? How can you share your gifts in a thoughtful and compassionate way that enlightens rather than chastises?

Libra June Tarotscope

(Sep 23-Oct 22) – Strength

Courage dear Libra will be necessary this month as you step into unfamiliar territory. You’re being asked to face some scenarios that make your gentle psyche incredibly uncomfortable. You cringe at confrontation, but unfortunately this time you don’t have a choice.

How can you face what comes your way with diplomacy and straightforwardness. Decision making can be tough for you as you are so go-with-the-flow, however when does it become passive aggressive? How could you step into your power a bit more and make clear choices or declarations that let others know exactly where they stand? Get clear this month and speak your truth no matter the consequences. You have the strength.

Scorpio June Tarotscope

(Oct 23-Nov 22) – Page of Swords

This month you are going to wrestle with the wisdom of the unknown. The Page of Swords is a willing and eager student, ready to take on the lessons of the World. Learning is a necessary part of the process, but there are many life mysteries that no book could ever explain. Break out the Post-Its dear Scorpio.

You’ll write these epitaphs on each one: “It’s not going to happen like that.” “Nope, it won’t happen like that either.” “Absolutely no way you could ever determine this ending.” The school in session is not focused with your academics, but your spiritual expansion. It’s asking you to make a little bit more room for the unknown. There is delight to be had in the unexpected. I can’t wait to see what happens once you surrender to the magic.

Sagittarius June Tarotscope

(Nov 23-Dec 20) – Judgement

Have you forgiven yourself Sagittarius? Have you offered yourself solace for every single misdeed, mistake or misfortune done? It’s time to catch up to your Guides. They have forgiven you long ago. They’ve forgiven us all actually. They understand that the chaos created by the shadows is a very important necessity. It offers us space for healing and growth. To fine tune our path on this Fool’s journey.

A technique that helps me tremendously is tapping. You can find countless videos on YouTube about EFT and TFT. I particularly like Gala Darling as she always includes this mantra: “I deeply love, forgive and accept myself.” In our society it’s almost an act of violence to love yourself without reservation. I mean how is capitalism supposed to sell you things you ‘need’ if you completely love yourself? Take a time out to tap into the deep infinite abyss of love our universe has to offer you. What are your touchpoints of love?

Capricorn June Tarotscope

(Dec 22 – Jan 20) – The Knight of Swords

The other day while brushing my teeth I snapped my toothbrush in two. This is a metaphor for the aggressive and forceful nature of the Knight of Swords. He marches ahead on his trusty steed with no regard for the flower garden that was left trampled in his wake. While forward momentum is important, it’s time to make room for Goddess.

The Swords rule the element of air as well as communication, travel and strategy. You’ll know the path forward this month and things start to move ahead, however take note that a steady pace is your aim. When we charge ahead like the Knight we often miss magical miracles along the way. Keep your eyes on the prize, but remember to drop into the day. The now has many gifts to offer you. That is why they call it the present.

Aquarius June Tarotscope

(Jan 21-Feb 19) – Ace of Cups

The most soulful of the Zodiac (in my humble opinion), I feel as those Aquarius often had the hardest start on this planet and the hardest recovery. Maybe that’s why they are some of the most powerful Lightworkers. They are the Zodiac’s humanitarian after all.

The Ace of Cups is calling for a deep passionate romance…with yourself. How shall you start this love affair? Why don’t you give yourself and your beautiful body a hug to kick it off. While some dread bathing suit weather you LOVE your body. Hell, it kept you alive in the midst of a deadly pandemic. Why don’t you go and write yourself a love note. A poem that contains all your finest attributes. It will help you to remember what a good person you are and it’s a great thing to put on your bulletin board for a rainy day.

Pisces June Tarotscope

(Feb 20-Mar 20) – The Star

The card of hope, The Star indicates that your expectations, wishes and dreams are in perfect alignment with that of the Universe. Looking for a sign? Here it is. And the answer is YES.

It’s often darkest right before the dawn. The Tower shows up right before The Star in the Major Arcana. It’s the card of chaos and sudden change, where everything feels very unsettling. The storm is over dear Pisces and the cloudy night sky clears so you can see each and every star light up in our vast universe. They are showing you the way. Take heed of how you speak to yourself and how you talk about your dreams. Your Guides are listening.

Aries June Tarotscope

(Mar 21-Apr 19) – Knight of Pentacles

Oooh, how fun. The Knight of Pentacles indicates that good luck and good fortune are on their way to you. But unfortunately they aren’t going to arrive on your timeline. No, they are divinely inspired. And while in the midst of this waiting game for fortune and fame, it’s time to take a look around. Get off the ever climbing elevator and soak in the sights around you. You’ve been so focused on finding the treasure that you didn’t realize it lay right before you.

Have you ever taken a moment to review previous events where Goddess showed up for you? While it’s never good to dwell on the past it’s also a helpful reflection. Think back to a time when you were so stressed out you couldn’t sleep. What was the outcome? If I had to guess, your Guides delivered a suitable result. It might not have been exactly what you wanted but it wasn’t awful either. How can you apply that knowledge to what’s going on in your own life? Pentacles rule the earth as well as our finances. Are you consumed by worry? What would you tell your former self who was up until dawn? Did worrying change the situation at all? As you wait for your faithful steed to waltz in to save you, be sure to save yourself first. Your bank account balance may or may not change, but you are always in control of your attitude.

Taurus June Tarotscope

(Apr 20 – May 20) – Death

Much like a snake sheds its skin, you’ll be slithering away from a life you once knew. While orderly direction serves a purpose, it can be stifling if used excessively. Chaos is what your soul craves.

This month you’ll find yourself face-to-face with an emotional truth you can no longer ignore. Is that job right for you? Is that the right partner in your life? What is keeping you holding onto these things that don’t serve your highest purpose? What fear lives in this space? You have some important work to do in this lifetime. The Death card indicates the dilly dallying is over. You’re being summoned to awaken by a force much greater than yourself and you no longer can ignore the call.

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Hi, I’m Jackie! I hope you enjoyed this month’s Tarotscope. If you’d like to book a reading do not hesitate to reach out.

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