March Tarotscopes: Monthly Tarot Horoscopes for Each Sign
March Tarotscope 2022

Written by Jacqueline Stone

Jackie is a channel for peace. She brings the invocations of the Spirits through with her writing and her study of tarot. She can reached at [email protected]

February 25, 2022

Hello Beautiful Humans,

Apologies for slacking and not getting a tarotscope out last month. I had good reason. Due to unforeseen circumstances I was without an assistant before, during and after the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show. To say it was overwhelming would be an understatement. 

I’m finally catching up and it feels good to slow down a little bit and enjoy life more. I find my creative and spiritual connections are as strong when I’m stressed. Does the same thing happen for you? Something for us to bring gentle awareness to in these coming months.

I had the pleasure of using the Desert Illuminations Tarotthis month, an indie deck by Lindsay D. Williams. I felt it arrived at the perfect time. While my trip to Tucson was chaotic, it was also filled with moments of grace. I loved getting up early enough to watch the sunrise over the Catalina Foothills. There is something weird and mysterious about that place and Lindsay captures its energy beautifully with this neon cacophony of strange and wonderful imagery.

Wishing you a magical and peaceful March.


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Pisces March Tarotscope

(Feb 20-Mar 20) – The World

Love that everything’s coming up roses for you during your birthday month my sweet Pisces. The World is the card of completion. No matter how much we wish it otherwise sometimes, all things come to an end. How can you honor the end of this cycle? Is there grief in a goodbye? Are there people or things in your life that no longer serve your highest and greatest good? Is it time to set a boundary? And how could you celebrate the things that you’ve lost? Let’s say you’re mourning a break-up. While you ride the tides of grief could you also celebrate the relationship and all that it taught you? It’s time to acknowledge the closing of this door and give yourself the space to feel your feelings. Once you do a deepening will occur and in that space your Guides will greet you with a warm embrace. Then they’ll whisper softly in your ear about what’s next.

Aries March Tarotscope

(Mar 21-Apr 19) – Ace of Daggers (Ace of Swords)

I’d be hard-pressed to find a more practical or high spirited sign in the Zodiac than you Aires. Translation: you get shit done. You bring a balanced and measured approach to your work that somehow lands that big fiery energy in reality. A natural born leader, did you also know that you are a natural born psychic? While you tend to cling to the three-dimensional realm for signs and clues of the divine, it’s time to let go and allow yourself new ways to connect with the unknown. The Ace of Daggers is an indication that your Guides are speaking to you in a new way and showing you things that were once kept hidden. What will you do with this new found knowledge? I encourage you to stop running from your truth. While the tangible is easier to understand, the mysteries of the universe are what will truly feed your soul.

Taurus March Tarotscope

(Apr 20 – May 20) — Five of Chiles (Five of Wands

Scattered and lost is a vibe. It might be an uncomfortable one, but it’s an energy I encourage you to embrace right now. Shaming yourself or ‘should-ing’ all over yourself is not a good look. Most of us don’t have any idea what we’re doing. We’re all actors in a grand production called life where we show up and act the part. I think what’s crushing your sensitive spirit is more about purpose than anything else. You know you have a calling and haven’t given yourself time or space to discover your gifts. Did you know that truly your only job on this planet is to ‘experience’? In this time space continuum you decided to reincarnate at this time, at this place, with these parents, in this lifetime. Your soul decided that a human experience was worth a whirl. So if you find yourself spinning out over your reason for being here bringing it back to the inner knowing that ‘existing’ is the job. Just be. And if you’re up for a lil more action start paying attention to the things that bring you joy. There the answers will be found.

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Gemini March Tarotscope

(May 21-June 20) — Seven of Cactus (Seven of Pentacles)

Patience is a virtue. It’s also a lesson we must learn on repeat as we often try to skip to the good part. Hate to break it to you but you’re stuck in one of those cycles and I feel like you’ve been here for a minute now. What are you trying to rush? Why is your chosen outcome the only way? Could it be possible that your Higher Power is keeping you safe and protected? I mean sometimes our Guides have to protect us from ourselves. Do you keep hitting a brick wall? Maybe it’s finally time to stop bashing your head against the door and choose a new one. There are no mistakes in divine timing and the Seven of Pentacles delivers this credeo with an extra bit of umph. They are asking you to trust. Trust that right now, right here, in this moment you are safe, you are loved, you are magnificent. The universe is infinitely abundant but you are being denied it’s riches momentarily as you dance with our dear friend, patience. There is something she is trying to tell you. Why not invite her in for a cup of tea?

Cancer March Tarotscope

(Jun 22-July 23) – King of Daggers (King of Swords)

Your big, beautiful heart is easily misunderstood Cancer due to your sensitive nature. You can shut down or cut people out more easily than others as it’s a Flip it and reverse it this month, my darling Cancer. You usually lead with your heart and the Guides are asking you to lead with your head. People are often shocked at how smart you are. I’m not sure where that came from as it’s actually smarter to cry and feel your feelings rather than stuff them down, but alas that’s where we are perceptually these days…I digress. In any event, I want you to focus on that fantastic noggin of yours this month and do some strategic planning. You truly have an ability to see the big picture at all times and I want you to use that magic to focus on where you’ll be heading next. I’m not asking you to turn off your emotions, but turn them down. A great example of this would be saying that you don’t want to work with a particular vendor because of the bullshit thing they said in 2018. Um yes, that was totally rude and offensive, can we give them space to be human? Who knows how the hell they show up these days. Maybe they woke up! I want you to revisit old ideas and situations which used to baffle you with a new set of eyes. There might be some crazy magical opportunities waiting for you right around the bend if you allow yourself to be open to the imperfections of it all.

Leo March Tarotscope

(Jul 24 – Aug 23) – Page of Cactus RX (Page of Pentacles RX)

It might be January, but you’re rocking those back-to-school vibes in a major way. Interestingly enough I pulled this card for you in reverse. This is telling me that you are in the midst of a value system mismatch. What do you value most in this world Leo that money can’t buy? While you love luxury and you often adore being the center of attention, what could humility offer you that can’t be purchased at a store? You have an enormous heart and a kind soul. Right now you’re starting to watch the foundation of your universe collapse as you’ve put too much emphasis on the material. It’s become the center of your world. Who would you be without your home? Your car? Your job? It’s time for a shift in attention. Are you a good friend? A thoughtful partner? Start there and take tiny steps each day in the direction of hope and change. You’ve gotten some rough feedback as of late that felt like a knife in the heart. Instead of addressing the wound you’ve been covering it up with glitter and gold. It’s time to do the shadow work and realign your values to that huge heart of yours. You have so much to give to the world. Stop thinking about how you are perceived by others and start caring about how you are perceived by the self and the Higher Self. Never forget that you are loved.

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Virgo March Tarotscope

(Aug 24-Sep 22) – Six of Cactus (Six of Pentacles)

Virgo I got big love for you. I mean five, yes five, of my planets lie in your sign. I dig me some Virgo energy. However, we can be a bit neurotic at times and a bit too focused on the details. Many would be lost without our ability to land lofty dreams in reality with practical how-to, step-by-step guides. Today we’re being called out hard by our Guides. Our controlling nature has lately become intensified by our internal fears. We worry about getting what we want so we’ve been manipulating situations in our favor. This selfish, self-serving behavior has got to stop. The Six of Pentacles reminds us that bliss can be found in the exchange we experience with others. The more we give of ourselves to others, the happier we tend to be. This month I encourage you to throw yourself into service. And this time you are not to tell a soul. I know you can be very philanthropic at times, but only when others are watching. What is something kind and thoughtful you could do this month that no one would know was done by you? Start making a list of anonymous selfless acts (bonus points if you get the kids involved for ideas). And start tackling them one-by-one. You’ll have a new appreciation for yourself and that fear you’ve been carrying around will simply melt away.

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Libra March Tarotscope

(Sep 23-Oct 22) – Six of Daggers (Six of Swords)

The open road awaits you! It’s time for an exciting enterprise. That is the energy of the Six of Swords. The swords rule our intellect as well as our throat chakra and the Six of Swords is an opening. It opens the lines of communication. It opens doors and possibilities. It opens the opportunity for movement and change. In your case I see you on an adventure of the spirit. You are probably the most balanced and reasonable of all the signs in the sense that you don’t let your emotions consume you. You often concede to the group majority as you love to keep the peace and don’t seem to get caught up in the details. It’s a blessing and a curse. You’re so malleable that you’ve somehow become a bit of an amalgamous blog. This month you’ll be asked to not only find your voice, but learn how to use it. What do you want? Well, besides world peace? I ask you to do some contemplation and some journaling about this question. It might be a while since you’ve pondered this thought. You’re not used to people asking you this question! Get open and honest and write down whatever immediately comes to mind. I think  you’ll be surprised where this exercise takes you. There is something right at the tip of the tongue that is read to be said out loud.

Scorpio March Tarotscope

(Oct 23-Nov 22) – Ten of Cactus (Ten of Pentacles)

Scorpio I absolutely love this for you. When was the last time you felt this safe and secure? You have a propensity for the dark and the dangerous, and that’s why we love you! However, let’s get a little Pollyanna this month and start to sip that lemonade. There is really nothing to do this month but allow yourself to receive. Which honestly sounds like nothing, but for those of us who have gone through some shit isn’t as easy as it seems. Receive the praise, the compliments, the prizes, the adoration. Allow yourself to soak in the tender unconditional love that the universe has delivered in such an in-your-face way that it simply cannot be ignored. You are a perfect child of the Universe built of star stuff. You are aligned perfectly to the infinite abundance that has always been yours, you just needed to learn how to call it in. I see this month as a peaceful time of simple celebration and self-reflection. You’ve come so far. Appreciate the bad-ass within and go forth with a quiet confidence that you’ve wholeheartedly earned.

Sagittarius March Tarotscope

(Nov 23-Dec 20) – The Fool

Purity is your strong suit Sagittarius. The Fool encourages us to embrace our inner child and our sense of wonder. This would be a great month to take yourself out on an artist’s date. I wish I could take credit for this wonderful idea, but alas it comes from Julia Cameron’s book, The Artist’s Way. She encourages you to pick a day each week to spoil yourself to an afternoon or evening where you are delighting the senses. Will you go to an art shop and buy yourself some supplies for a quiet date at home? Will you visit a museum or exhibition that expands your sense of self? Will you go for a walk outside to take in the majesty of the ultimate artist, Mother Nature? The ideas are endless. The Fool is the protagonist for The Fool’s Journey or the Major Arcana in the tarot. It’s where we start and where we end. As you whisper “Om” softly to yourself, harken back to a day when you weren’t so encumbered by the constraints of society. Of all the signs I most align you to the Fool’s energy. You do innocence so well.

Capricorn March Tarotscope

(Dec 22 – Jan 20) – Three of Chiles (Three of Wands)

The future called. It said things are ‘oh so bright’ and it has you to thank. This month your keyword is ‘visionary.’ I want you to get your lofty goals and dreams down on paper. You are such a powerhouse Capricorn and few signs are adept as you are at making things happen. You have important things to do on this planet and it’s time to start planning, which is one of your favorite activities anyway. As you start to craft a spell for your destiny I want you to remember three questions: Where am I going? Who will help me? How can I best utilize my talents for the greatest good? There are a million memes about Capricorn and money, but most people don’t get it. The stability is what we crave. Sure, don’t get me wrong. A Cap loves her luxury, but what she really wants is to feel safe and secure. We are hard-core earth mamas. And let me tell you, there is no stopping a Capricorn who has aligned their life purpose with their financial gains. I can hear the ch-ching of the cash register now. So play with that idea of your future goals. Instead of looking at the bottom line look at this: how many people have I helped today?

Aquarius March Tarotscope

(Jan 21-Feb 19) – The Emperor

Never before have you been able to see what lies ahead so clearly. You know exactly what you need to do next, the challenge is figuring out exactly how to get there. This January, take some time to dream and to journal. What does your ideal day look The Emperor is the embodiment of masculine energy. When we hear those words it often brings up an emotional response. The divine masculine? It’s not greeted with warm fuzzies these days. We have the patriarchy to blame for that. Somehow, somewhere along the line, the masculine got bastardized into this condescending, man-plainsing, form of hedonistic douchey behavior that permeates almost everything in our society these days. As we watch the world shift back into balance right before our eyes (it’s often darkest before the dawn), I want you to embrace the divine masculine the Emperor offers with every fiber of your being. In it’s grace, the masculine is kind, quiet, supportive, and conservative. It offers rules and structure to the divine feminine to help her make some organization and forward momentum out of the chaos. It has its place in equal measure to the Empress. They sit side by side. How could you add a lil extra structure to your life these days? It could be as simple as purchasing a new day planner or trying out a new project management system. Get down with the big sky Daddy and say hello. Believe it or not he resides within.

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