May Tarotscopes: Monthly Tarot Horoscopes for Each Sign

Written by Jacqueline Stone

Jackie is a channel for peace. She brings the invocations of the Spirits through with her writing and her study of tarot. She can reached at [email protected]

April 27, 2022

Hello Magical Soul,

The signs of spring are all around us! I love opening my window to hear the sounds of birds chirping as they greet the warmer days.

While the weather seems balmy, the cards tell us a different story this month. There is a lot to uncover as we awaken slowly from our emotional hibernation. Not just the isolation created by the cold winter months, but the social distance that has grown ominously these past few years. For a long while it was for our survival and now many of us find it hard to break the habit.

I encourage you to be gentle and kind with yourself as you process emotions that have long lived dormant. Do what feels good and remember, fun is still a thing. We love fun and our Guides do too. The energy flows much faster and freer in that space. Give yourself permission to giggle a lil more.

Sending so much love,


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Gemini May Tarotscope

(May 21-June 20)Seven of Pentacles (RX)

Burnout is never a good look, sweet Gemini. The Guides have been trying to guide you gently in the right direction. They’ve let you know that “no, this is not going to work this way” and “no, this door is closed.” Instead of taking the hints and recognizing the universe is always right, you’ve been banging your head against the wall. “If only I work harder, more diligently, the things I want will come to me!” How is that working out for you? Manifestation is an art form and most will tell you it comes with grace and ease. However you have to trust in divine timing. Could it be that the things you desperately want aren’t materializing because the universe has better plans for you? Do you trust that you are worthy of unconditional love from your Higher Power? This month I think the best medicine for you is to get outside and reconnect with Mother Nature. Go sit underneath a tree and try some deep breathing exercises. Connect to the tree’s energy. Reconnect to the essence of magic on this planet. It will help you surrender and step back into the flow.

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Cancer May Tarotscope

(Jun 22-July 23) – Three of Wands

It’s always so fun when the universe provides you with profound psychic hits about what comes next. You can see so clearly into the future right now, not quite like you have in a long time. Keep your eyes set on the ‘prize’ and step into your rhythm. You know what to do. As you move towards the light, there will be setbacks. You know this is simply a part of the process, but those around you won’t be so sure. They are full of doubt. While you usually keep your cards close to your chest, this month I encourage you to let others into your beautiful shell. Let them know your vision so they can partake in it with you. You don’t need to tell them all the details, but enough to empower them with the foresight of the plan. Humility is a beautiful thing and while you’d love to go it alone, that just isn’t possible this go round. Tell your trusted comrades what you have up your sleeve and watch them revel and delight in the magic. They will work twice as hard towards your common goal. A beautiful month of expansion both physically in the productive sense, but also emotionally. You’re doing a beautiful job of letting people in while keeping healthy boundaries intact.

Leo May Tarotscope

(Jul 24 – Aug 23) –Six of Cups

Leo, I love this card pull for you. Energetically you’re at your best when you are having fun and know those around you are having a good time as well. The Six of Cups is all about play! It often can bring up memories born in childhood nostalgia. That innocence belongs to the inner child within us all that likes to be honored and acknowledged once in a while. This month make ‘play’ your credo. Not only in times where fun is encouraged, but in the day-to-day mundane. How could you make a game out of doing the dishes or folding the laundry? A straight shot of exuberance, magic and joy is what the doctor ordered. Your soul is craving more levity (I mean aren’t we all). Bonus points for bringing those you love into the celebration. You’ve always been a teacher and it’s time to get this party started. The world needs your positive outlook more than ever. Bring out that sharp wit and some flirty banter like you’ve never done before. Spring is here and while you easily step into that sunshine, others struggle. Make sure all your ‘guests’ feel at ease in your glow.

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Virgo May Tarotscope

(Aug 24-Sep 22) – The Moon (RX)

Fear is a tricky foe. It’s super helpful when it keeps us out of danger, however we humans are the only animal in the kingdom that seem to get stuck in it. The gazelle sits and trembles after a lion attack and they move the stress out of the body. As we evolved we somehow lost this important trauma response and a lot of that energy can get trapped in our physical field. I love the saying “if it’s hysterical, it might be historical.” What are some old wounds that are coming to the surface right now? The Moon wants to know! She is not shy about shining brightly into the shadows that have long been ignored gathering dust. Unfortunately for you, I think this one is impossible to ignore. The pain of the past is keeping you from enjoying the present. You’re either in an anxiety spiral, acting out and accidentally hurting those around you, or both. What are you going to do to quell this internal beast? I highly recommend diving back into therapy if you’ve been avoiding it for a while. Or maybe it’s time for some personal introspection. Break out the notebook and start writing. And while you’re at it, keep your eyes peeled for anything that comes into your orbit titled “Inner Child Workshop.” You might want to give that a second glance.

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Libra May Tarotscope

(Sep 23-Oct 22) – The Hierophant

Belief systems don’t scare you Libra, however changing them does. You are the first sign in the Zodiac to avoid conflict. I mean, can’t we all just get along?! But conflict doesn’t need to be dramatic or painful. It can be quiet and often civilized. You don’t need to keep the peace all the time and unfortunately this month the status quo will be tested whether you like it or not. The Hierophant is the ruler of order. He loves tradition and there is a lot of wisdom in these practices as gathered from his own life experiences. However, sometimes the rules are meant to be broken. How could you tap into your inner bad boy (or bad girl or bad them) this month? Where have you kept your mouth shut for way too long in an effort to keep any dramatics at bay? Where is there space in your life for radical change and improvement? How can you speak your truth in a way that feels powerful for you? You often don’t like ruffling feathers so believe me when I say you won’t have to say much. The keeper of balance, you are well respected amongst your peers. I think you’ll be shocked at how well you are received.

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Scorpio May Tarotscope

(Oct 23-Nov 22) – Ten of Cups (RX)

When does alone time feel lonely? I’m guessing that time is right now, dear Scorpio. The Ten of Cups in reverse is an indication of emotional discontentment. You feel separate and isolated from your fellows. While you often appreciate the path less traveled, you’re starting to recognize that always going it alone doesn’t seem to be feeding your soul. We’re starting to see cracks in that armor you’ve created. Before you can feel connected and harmonious with those around you, you first must find peace within. I want you to start examining the idea of self-abandonment and self-sabotage. Why have you been treating yourself this way? Is it an old trauma response that seems stuck in the system? Is it easier to do this than to accept that you are so very loved by the universe? This month your new practice is to learn how to receive. Open yourself up to receiving praise, love and kindness that comes your way. I have a suspicion that these sentiments will show up in droves now that you are working on letting this in. Let others love you until you learn how to love yourself unconditionally. You’re oh so close, and I think this is a big piece of the puzzle. There is a seed of growth waiting for you on the other side. Be kind and gentle to all, and most importantly to yourself.

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Sagittarius May Tarotscope

(Nov 23-Dec 20) – Two of Pentacles

Freedom in today’s society is not an easy find, but you’ve been relentless on your quest. What if peace truly meant freedom? While you are a beacon of adventure and travel, it’s often hard for you to find reason to soak in the curiosities that lay at your feet. You’re always looking out to the horizon towards greener pastures, but what if you brought that attention to your own yard? Your emotional body needs attention. It’s thirsty for some tender, loving, care. The Two of Pentacles reminds us of the importance of balance. This is a very important month for you to reexamine your priorities. Are you putting too much attention into your work? Into your family? Are you making enough time for friends? When was the last time you practiced any self-care? Adulting can be hard at times. It’s important to sometimes slow down to speed up again. I encourage you this month to take one day all to yourself. Turn off the phone. Hire a babysitter (if you have kids). Take the day off from work. Let your loved ones know you won’t be available. And then do whatever you want! When was the last time you tapped into what makes YOU happy? You’re often thinking about others or fantasizing about the future. Take this full day to tap into the now and attend to your every whim and desire.

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Capricorn May Tarotscope

(Dec 22 – Jan 20) – Two of Wands (RX)

A fascinating card pull for you Capricorn. You often bring Chariot energy to the day-to-day with a focus on movement and progress forward. The Two of Wands in reverse is a space of hesitation and indecision. This month will be a bit of a holding pattern for you and knowing your disposition, this will not be easy for you to accept. I find that sometimes the universe creates roadblocks for us, not to frustrate us or drive us crazy, but to redirect ourselves to something that needs attention. It seems your workaholism has started to splinter the other parts of your life that used to bring you joy. Have you been avoiding them for some reason? Why does it seem so scary to take time off to relax? What would happen if you slowed down to put some attention towards your spiritual development and not your bank account? My guess? You’ll be a lot happier for it and your finances will be just fine. The false belief that you always need to be in work mode to be worthy of anything, including love, has to be broken. Wake up from this false narrative. You are enough and you deserve a break. A warning: lean into the power of this pause…otherwise you’ll drive yourself crazy. You’ll be greeted with obstructions at every turn.

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Aquarius May Tarotscope

(Jan 21-Feb 19) – The Magician

A powerful month for you Aquarius as you start to see the tangible results of your powers of manifestation. You’ve been working hard on yourself. Trying out new affirmations. Showering and getting dressed (that is a huge win these days for those with mental health issues). Adulting as best you can. All this time you never stopped dreaming and it’s blowing your mind to see those dreams starting to materialize in reality. This is a beautiful time where you and the universe get acquainted yet again. As you curtsey and take in the magnificence of one another, be sure to speak clearly and without hesitation. What do you want with your whole heart? What does your perfect day look like? Who in your life makes you the happiest? What is your life missing? Let the Universe and its magical ordering service know. Your wish is their command. And just a word to the wise, be careful what you wish for. You might just get it. And you might have accidentally asked for it when those doubtful thoughts started creeping back in.

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Pisces May Tarotscope

(Feb 20-Mar 20) – The High Priestess

This card truly is the embodiment of “Madam Clara sees all.” The creator of this deck likes to put that ominous catch phrase on all of their decks. I’m here for it, especially as that is the vibe of the High Priestess. She’s autonomous and all knowing. I want you to embody the bright light of this archetype this May, sweet Pisces. You are a psychic force already with your placement in the stars. A dreamer and a dancer, you can go to watery depths that most of us only dream of. Tap into your divinity. So without, so within. While most of us search for a Higher Power of our understanding outside of our physical being, we forget that it often lives within us as well. Have you ever stared deeply into your eyes in a mirror or stared at your hands for a little longer than necessary? Yeah, then you know what I mean. But let’s go even deeper. If we truly are all one as these fractured pieces we call human, where does the connection begin? How can you tap into the superconscious and truly understand your fellow beings on a visceral level? Many are awakening from the dream right now to the big beautiful truth of our existence. Your role on this planet is to keep shining your light and to help others see it as well. A word of caution, sometimes your light shines so brightly it scares others and then they try to dampen it down with gossip and lies. Ignore them and their plight. For the true High Priestess knows the laws of the universe like the back of her hand and karma is her BFF.

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Aries May Tarotscope

(Mar 21-Apr 19) – Four of Wands

Aries, it’s time to party. And I’m not sure any of the signs could do it better than you! You love a good celebration and that is exactly what the four of wands calls for. I am curious about this card’s arrival for you this month. Did certain important dates and events get canceled or ignored during these years of social distancing? Did someone not get to have a birthday party? Was the wedding postponed? Did you not get to dress up for Halloween? I think it’s time to throw a bash, no matter how big or small (it could be with one other person). Buy some party hats and balloons at the dollar stone. Hit that pinata. Throw on some tunes and dance away in the living room. And maybe it doesn’t need to be so literal, but the universe is calling out for you to recognize your accomplishments. Perhaps it’s treating yourself to a day off or buying yourself a well-deserved gift. However, it’s important to note that gratitude grows. The more we honor the universe and her gifts, the more we see the expansion. Think about it: you could be a business owner and do all the right things and go belly up in a few months. Or you could be a business owner and do all the wrong things and become wildly successful. The universe is always in charge whether we like it or not. It’s time to acknowledge her presence and recognize that your greatest successes are her biggest rewards. Embrace the unconditional love the universe has shown you and get out there and live it up!

Taurus May Tarotscope

(Apr 20 – May 20)Five of Swords

Conflict is a natural part of our existence. We’re not going to see eye-to-eye with one another all the time and there is big beautiful growth and awareness discovered through these exchanges. However, the five of swords has us recognize that not all conflicts are ones of wonder. When does it become toxic and unproductive? We’re seeing a lot of warring sides in our country on any variety of topics. Why do you feel the need to shout your opinion from the rooftop? Do you truly believe this will change anyone’s mind? The space where we see real change is when you move into a place of non-judgmental curiosity and compassion. Why does this person feel this way? Have you asked them? Have you sat there and practiced active listening instead of thinking about your next retort? It is so much better to understand than to be understood. When you offer a safe container for someone to speak freely without judgment, that is the first step towards healing. No opinions have been changed, at least for today. However, the opposing side no longer sees you as the enemy, but as a person of differing opinions. There is so much more expansion in that space. This month I want you to practice restraint of pen and tongue. Instead get out there and give some hugs. They don’t need to be heart-to-heart, but they must be heartfelt.

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