Psychic Healer

Faith Streng is a third generation past life healer, Reiki Master, and spiritual teacher. She combines her natural ability to access the Akashic Records with her knowledge of the chakra system into a powerful healing experience. By 19 she had picked up a pendulum to learn Spiritual Response Therapy from her mother and grandmother, and she quickly developed a deep relationship with her High Self. After graduating with her BFA in Acting, Faith moved to Los Angeles, where she found herself in a Reiki training with a friend. When health issues made her lifestyle of bartending and auditioning unsustainable she found herself drawn back to her roots as a healer. She was attuned to Animal Reiki and began volunteering at The Gentle Barn where she still does sessions with cows, pigs, turkeys, horses, goats, and chickens! Faith’s practice has evolved to focus on healing past life trauma, but she uses the chakras to access the Akasha. As a Psychic Healer and Channel, she now works with people and animals all over the world in remote sessions and teaches classes with Bene Mudra Wellness. Faith has particular experience working with those souls experiencing Anxiety, Depression, Addiction Recovery, Fertility Challenges, Digestive Issues, Sleep Issues, and Eating Disorders.


What happens in a session?

We connect on Zoom and have a conversation while I receive insights and downloads. It is a gift that I am able to access the Akasha in a waking state for myself and my clients – we keep it as light as possible. We are not trying to relive anything or see anything we don’t want to. We are identifying where the wounds are, and we are releasing them. Our angels and guides do the rest. I sometimes use the Spiritual Response Therapy charts and sacred geometry patterns. I will receive messages from angels, spirit guides, starseeds, elemental beings, and other spirits. I will balance your chakras, cleanse any organs that need it, scan the body for other blocks, and clear any lower vibrational STUFF from a past life, parallel life, or life in another dimension. We will set a course for optimal Spiritual, Mental, and Physical health.

What do I have to prepare for a session? ?

Absolutely nothing. We can begin by looking at an area of your life or a relationship that feels stuck, and then we would look to find any perceived traumas that happened to your soul that are blocking peace. We can also go in completely open-ended and see what comes up! Can you read the future? Yes and no. There are millions of timelines available to us at every moment, and I see my job as co-creating with my clients an alignment with their most optimal timeline/future. How many sessions does it take to notice anything? Most clients feel different after just one session, but it take generally 3-5 to get to the deep layers. Are remote sessions really the same as in-person? Totally 100%. There has been zero difference in the experience of my clients. What do I do after a session? Drink a lot of water as they are extremely detoxifying. Write if you feel compelled to, rest if you feel like it. Go about your day. The healing as happened. Nothing else for you to do. 

Faith Streng


  • Third generation Healer & Reiki Master
  • Bachelors of Fine Arts

  • Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) Practitioner

  • Healer of past life traumas

To meet Faith is to love her. Never before have I met someone on this planet who so embodies unconditional love with every fiber of her being. Not only does she comprehend the illusion of separateness, but she brings the the truth of Source energy into every interaction and word spoken. She has a gift for healing the cracked parts of your soul that felt like they were irreparable. I’ve had the honor of working with Faith one-on-one. I immediately knew that the divine had predestined us to meet. She is a blossoming ball of sunshine that has surmounted her own challenges and is now reaching back to all of us to help us do the same. I had to sit down with this beautiful Lightworker to find out more! I know you’ll adore her as much as I do. I encourage you to book a session. You’ll be amazed before you’re halfway through.


My session with Faith was absolutely incredible. Her ability as a healer touches levels of my being with incredible accuracy. She is efficient in her work and gets right into the deepest levels that feel inaccessible. I felt overall light, clearer and with more joy. I highly recommend Faith and am grateful to have had the opportunity to be blessed with her gift. I will most definitely will be returning. Thank you Faith!!”

– Katie Doan

I could talk about my experience with Faith for hours! We started working together a month ago for some healing, past life work, and chakra alignment & activation, and this month has changed so much! She is truly gifted & connected to Source energy, and it is so clear of this while working with her. Her light is beautiful & if you are even thinking about working with her, for yourself or a pet, do it!!! My cat has also gotten through to her over our sessions & she did some clearing with him, and it is just pure. Treat your soul to a session with Faith!”

– Logan Pruss

I found Faith through my sister, and immediately knew I had to book a session! Faith is so comforting and easy to work with. I was a little nervous at first because while I fully believe in everything Faith does, I rarely seek outside help (which I’m working on!). My nerves quickly subsided once she started working and it just made me so grateful that I did make the leap of “faith” to seek her healing. Her gift is so special and gave the peace I was looking for – a weight feels lifted off of my soul! I will be a returning customer and am already looking forward to the next time I get to experience her loving energy again.”

– Megan Kathleen Man

Woohoo!!! Inner work and solitude reached a limit for me and sometimes it’s hard to find that spec of dust and Faith REVEALED exactly what I needed to hear and work on! I experienced so much healing modalities and various healers and “heard it all” but I haven’t felt this much excitement after a healing session in a very long time! I am so eternally grateful and appreciative beyond words and I am so lucky to have crossed paths and connect and follow through with a healing session. I’m blown away and I feel the release I needed! Thank you thank you thank you!! so much clarity ~ struck all the chords perfectly”

– Jay Won

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