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Sarah is an intuitive tarot reader with a focus on self-development and actualization. They take a very practical approach to readings because they want folks to walk away with valuable insights and advice that they can use right away in their everyday life. Additionally, there’s a huge piece to their practice about shadow work and self-love, two journeys that they have a lot of personal experience with and they’ve helped clients navigate as well.


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“Tarot works like a mirror. Inside the reflection of the cards, we can create a safe space for stories to unfold. Diving into our past, histories, dreams, and hopes for the future helps lift us up and step confidently in the direction of our purpose.”

Is a tarot reader a psychic?

Not necessarily. A tarot reader can be a psychic or simply a channel. While tarot is closely associated with fortune telling, it actually acts as a mirror. It illuminates what exists right beneath the surface, often helping you make wiser decisions about future actions.

Does tarot really work?

We understand the skepticism, and it’s not our job to convince or coerce anyone to believe. However, for those who are truly curious, open-hearted, we find this practice always provides answers to the questions you are seeking. You will get as much out of your reading as you put into it, making it an extremely valuable investment in your time and energy.

Sarah Rose - Tarot Card Reader


  • Self-taught tarot reader
  • Tarot & The Language Of Symbols Certification with Sacred Jane
  • Completed the Inner Child Healing Tarot Workshop with City Witch

  • Finished the Introduction to Tarot Workshop with The Good Spirit

A High Vibe Honey, that’s the energy of Sarah Rose and that’s how I found them. Sarah and I met in a private online metaphysical community called The Vortex, coined by Abraham Hicks and brought to life by Gala Darling. She posted a thread: Would anyone like to do a tarot exchange? I jumped at the chance to meet other fierce folk in the tarot community. My reading from Sarah was a magnetic and impactful experience. They hit right to the heart. She is not afraid of the shadows and asks us to honor the truth with a gentle grace. It leaves you feeling raw, open, vulnerable and most importantly seen. She helps highlight the work that needs to be done on the quest for self-love and offers solace as we move forward, and sometimes backwards, on this journey called healing. I affectionately refer to them as my Dark Goddess. It’s with honor that I welcome her to the Healers Hub. I know you’ll be as mystified and delighted by their readings as I was. I decided to sit down with this bright light to learn more about her and how they ended up in this transformative space of love.


“Sarah’s reading reached me in a way that felt so familiar and so new at the same time. She explained each card so beautifully and connected them seamlessly to one another. She asked thoughtful questions and listened without judgement, creating a safe space to wonder and chat freely about the cards’ messages. Sarah has an incredible gift for making you feel seen, heard and understood through the tarot.”

– Lilly

I have never had a reading so accurate in my life! I absolutely recommend booking a session with Sarah, you will not regret it. I feel so elated after my reading — like my worries were a knot in my mind that has now been untangled and replaced with clarity. I loved that Sarah chose a deck specifically for me, and my personality, which really helped me connect to the cards personally, and I also received photos of the cards after the reading for my future reference. Not to mention, Sarah is so open, warm and genuine, too. Thank you, Sarah!”

– Shvi

“Sarah sits and speaks in universal truth. She is constantly seeking the answers and uses this powerful inquisitive aura to offer guidance and support. I really appreciated her reading, especially as she doesn’t shirk from the shadows. She pulled cards from my favorite deck, The Wild Unknown. Sarah illuminated things to me in the cards that I didn’t realize were hiding in plain sight. She looked at colors, patterns and how the cards related to one another in such exquisite detail. I have nothing but respect for this wise and dark Goddess. I highly recommend her for a tarot card reading. She will provide you with the answers you are seeking…perhaps in a way you weren’t expecting.”

– Jackie

I had the pleasure of doing a reading with Sarah, and I must say she was lovely. I found our time together to be accurate and authentic, she had a gentleness to her that made me feel safe and yet, also a passionate badass side! I knew I was getting the honest truth. She really helped me to unlock some hidden curiosities, I would definitely do another reading.”

– Danielle


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