The Moon Tarot Card Meanings: Love, Career, Spirit & More
The moon tarot card meanings from the muse tarot deck.

Written by Sarah Rose Anderson

June 1, 2021

A glowing and ever-changing orb in the heavens above us, the moon has been captivating our imaginations since we first tilted our heads to the skies.

Hello, I’m Sarah Rose, and I’m a professional tarot reader and proud member of the Totems & Tarot Healer’s Hub. Today, I’m going to break down for you one of the most beautiful and enigmatic tarot cards in the entire deck — the moon tarot card. I have a deep affinity with the moon and its magical cycles. I’m so excited to be able to share what I know about the true meaning of the moon tarot card and to teach you how to read the moon card in your own tarot deck.

So, what is the moon tarot card? It’s a major arcana card, and typically it shows up as the 18th card in the tarot deck. If you get this mysterious card in your reading, here’s what you need to know:

What does the Moon tarot card represent?

While every tarot deck has its own unique look and flair, there are a few common themes that are ever-present.

First, the symbology of the moon. The moon is old, ancient even. It goes through a predictable cyclical pattern that resets every 28 days, which is mysteriously similar to a human’s menstrual cycle.

The moon also influences the tides, shifting and pulling the unfathomably deep water back and forth. You’ve heard before that we humans are made of 60% water, right? Well, if the moon can create the tides, then it might be having an effect on us as well.

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After all, they say that things can get a little strange on the night of the full moon as the earth is fully illuminated by its glow.

The moon comes out at night— when we sleep and dream. At night, things can look different than in the day. Maybe they even feel a little dark, spooky, or be unrecognizable without the light of the sun.

So keep all these things about the moon in mind, and your own associations with it, as we delve deeper into the depths of its meanings.

The Moon Tarot Card From The Mystic Mondays Tarot Deck

Moon Card Keywords

Let’s first describe the elements of the moon card.

Here are a few keywords that will help you learn the tarot, make associations, and to ruminate on as you gaze at the moon card

  • instinct, intuition
  • reflection
  • surreal, illusions, fears
  • receptivity, wild feminine
  • hidden truths
  • subconscious, wild unknown, shadow self, hidden
  • mystery, complex, illogical
  • night, sleep, dreams
  • wildness, nature

Some heavy keywords here, right? The moon, at its essence, dredges up the unknown or the unknowable within us. It illuminates the darkness, the shadow, and it ties in heavily to our subconscious realms and inner, perhaps deeply hidden truths. If you are brave enough to see the world cast in its glow, then you are in for some good medicine!

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The Moon Tarot Card Symbology

Let’s take a look at the traditional Rider-Waite deck’s moon card and breakdown some of the symbology of the card which you’ll find here and in many iterations of the card in different decks:

The Moon Tarot Card

You see the moon, with an anguished and tormented-looking face. Behind it is the sun, there’s actually an eclipse taking place in this card! Creatures bark and howl, their animal instincts taking over. Emerging from the depths of the water is a creepy-crawly creature stepping into the light of the moon. There’s a path from the pool of water across the land, over the ocean and past the towers.

But what does it mean when you get the moon card in a tarot reading? Let’s take a look at some of the common questions and themes for this card that might come up in different readings.

Love: Moon Tarot Card

What does it mean if you get the moon card in a love reading or a relationship reading? The moon is a card of reflection. Of things not seeming quite like they really are. If you pull the moon card in a relationship reading, the message might be to slow down and reflect.

In this relationship, things that were long nestled down in the deep (just like the creepy-crawly creature in the traditional Rider-Waite deck moon card) might resurface. What are they? Why are they here? Only you know the answer, but know that to move forward with this or any other relationship that you’ll have some healing work to do. Maybe it’s clearing your projections or unpacking your baggage from your last relationship.

Be prepared for this love to bring out something in you that’s not quite healed yet, to challenge you to heal and grow, or to even reduce you to your base animal instincts — neglecting your spiritual being and acting from a place of reactivity rather than from your aligned heart.

Career: Moon Tarot Card

If you pulled the tarot card in a spread related to your career or finances, then let this card remind you of the cyclical nature of the moon. On the full moon, it shines, glowing brightly, covering the earth in its gentle luminescence. On the new moon, it’s practically invisible, leaving us in darkness until the next sunrise.

Nothing in this world is permanent and the moon is a beautiful reminder of our own cyclical nature as humans. So, related to career and finances, take this as a reminder that no job, paycheck, career, bank account, nest egg, or investment is permanent. After all, they call money “currency” because it’s meant to flow. Don’t hold on so tightly to that job, that title, that promotion, or that savings account. If you’re feeling the call to move on or to do something different, consider honouring that intuitive hit you’re feeling.

Take comfort in knowing that every morning we rise and we can begin a new financial or career story. We can get a different job, work in a different industry or city, or ask for a promotion, or get a business loan — there are trillions of dollars circulating around you as you read this so believe that it’s accessible to you and enjoy the ever cyclical dance of life.

Spirit: Moon Tarot Card

In a tarot card reading that’s focused on your spiritual journey, healing, or growth — to get the moon card is a beautiful invitation to go deeper. This card is a sign that you are ready to take the next steps. Perhaps you’ve found yourself in a comfortable lull or grace period lately. To receive the moon card is to open your heart to yourself, to give your spirit the time and space for true and deep reflection that will be ultimately restorative. The moon is also a card that reminds me of “the dark night of the soul” so if you receive this card when you’re feeling particularly emotional, vulnerable, or very heavily into “the work,” I would take this as an even stronger sign than, say, the star card, that healing is happening.

Know that you are exactly where you need to be. As some practical advice, you might also want to consider improving your sleep hygiene, doing some dream journaling, and making some time to just gaze at the moon every now and then and asking it to fill you with its wisdom.

Yes Or No Moon Card

As a quick bonus round, I wanted to touch briefly on what the moon card means in a “yes or no” setting. Of course, please honour the actual context of your reading to get the full picture. But if we have to boil it down to a yes or no, then the moon card is a “no.” I almost don’t want to say it’s a no because it’s more like a “no, not until you’ve reflected on what needs to come up.” Not a lot will shift or change in our lives unless we step up to the plate and say we’re willing to learn, to grow, to see and even embrace our shadow.

I hope that this brought some clarity for you around the meaning of the moon card in the tarot deck. Reach out to Totems & Tarot with any questions you have or to book a reading!

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