November Tarotscopes: Monthly Tarot Horoscopes for Each Zodiac Sign
November Tarotscopes

Written by Jacqueline Stone

Jackie is a channel for peace. She brings the invocations of the Spirits through with her writing and her study of tarot. She can reached at [email protected]

November 3, 2021

November Tidings Dear Friend!

As the veil slowly thickens again and we creep closer to the dead of winter, embrace the season of change. Watch the leaves flutter softly to the ground. Just as the trees transform with each passing day, so shall you. 

Change sometimes isn’t easy, but it’s always necessary. You get to choose the nature of your metamorphosis. Will it be painful and full of suffering? Or will you live fully in surrender of the moment, dropping into the present embrace of the Universe’s gifts? Just remember sometimes the gifts are delivered in black wrapping paper.

Here’s to saying goodbye to the smallest self to make way for the Highest Self. Your transformation is magnificent.

Much love,


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Scorpio November Tarotscope

(Oct 23-Nov 22) – Eight of Cups (RX)

Scorpio you’re holding on for dear life and it’s not a good look. It’s time to let go. This person, place or thing is no longer a part of your journey. It’s time to detach with love and claim your energy back. You might want to try a Ho’oponopono meditation. This codependent behavior is keeping you from stepping fully into your power. You have to stop playing small for fear of leaving other people in the dust. They have their own life to live! You can’t live it for them! And while you’re in this cramped space it might feel like you’re making the ultimate sacrifice of humility and service when actually all you’re doing is creating resentment. You need to dust off those angel wings and start to fly again. Saying goodbye is painful, but sometimes it’s necessary. And the hardest one goodbye is often to the relationships as they used to exist. You might not be ready to cut the cord with your mate, but it’s time to retire the toxic patterns that are making you both sick. Only you have the power to make this choice. Choose wisely.

Sagittarius November Tarotscope

(Nov 23-Dec 20) – The Tower

Sagittarius, one of the reasons I love you is your free spirit. However, when does that Divine destruction never looked so good! Sagittarius you love spontaneity but you also hate change. You’re an interesting one in how your system responds to big events as they swirl about you. While you might be dreaming of your next adventure overseas, it’s time to embrace the ones that have gathered at your feet. What if you could make packing up boxes, filing your taxes or cleaning the bathroom into a journey filled with mystery and joy? There are big changes coming into your orbit this month. You get to choose what happens next. Instead of saying “Oh Fuck,” why not try “Oh Wow, how interesting…I wonder why this is going on?” You are a powerful manifestor and full of curiosity. Start directing that magic towards the mundane and it’ll be like rocket fuel propelling you into the fifth dimension. Enjoy every moment of the transformation, even the turbulence.

Capricorn November Tarotscope

(Dec 22 – Jan 20) – Daughter (Page) of Pentacles (RX)

One of my favorite tarot teachers, Theresa Reed, has a beautiful take on card reversals. She believes that every card comes up in your reading for a reason and that YOU have the power to turn that card right side up. Let’s get after that this month Cap. The Page of Pentacles is an open and willing student in the school of money mindset. When in reverse we tend to dig our heels in and start to let fear creep back into the atmosphere. Fear and money are never a good mix. How have your Guides shown up for you in other aspects of your life? Why can’t you let them in here? I think this is a really important month for you to get clear about what false beliefs are still knocking around in that noggin of yours. You’ve done so much work around this and I know you’re sitting there like “this again?!” I promise this part of the healing journey is almost over, but just remember that final exams are always the toughest part of the course. Make sure you’re paying attention in class and taking notes. There is much the Universe wishes to teach you this month.

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Aquarius November Tarotscope

(Jan 21-Feb 19) – Two of Wands

The jumping off point can always feel a bit scary sweet Aquarius. The wind is whipping through your hair, you’re higher up than you’ve ever been. What happens if no one catches you as you launch off the side of the cliff into the deep blue? The Two of Wands is here to remind you that your Guides are right next to you, cheering you on every step of the way. They are encouraging you to go for it. They want to remind you that you only have one life to live (at least in this form) so you might as well stop making excuses and dive right in. What is the worst that could happen? Maybe it’s time to make a fear inventory. Make a list of all the fears that are holding you back from doing the thing. Take that list to a closed-mouth friend and read it aloud. Can they help you unpack the boogeymen in the closet with you? All the fears are just mirages keeping you from stepping into your Highest Self. You’ll be spiritually guided this month to engage in experiences that you’ve never dreamed of before. Embrace each moment. Open your heart to the swirl and whirl of it all.

Pisces November Tarotscope

(Feb 20-Mar 20) – Five of Pentacles

Gurl! Worry does NOT look good on you. The Five of Pentacles indicates that the worry is starting to manifest itself in your physical form. You might not be sleeping or perhaps are dealing with some digestive issues. It’s time to put your health first! What are some ways in which you can be loving and kind to yourself in the coming weeks? Here are some suggestions: don’t bring your phone into your bedroom, load up on healthy veggies, meal prep on the weekends, set a timer to get outside for a walk each day, treat yourself to a luxurious hot bath. Self-care is often something we say to ourselves, “oh I’ll get to that once I take care of this other thing.” I promise if you flip it and reverse it and make self-care center stage your whole world view will change. And here’s a PSA: never in the history of the world did anxiety solve any problems.

Aries November Tarotscope

(Mar 21-Apr 19) – The Chariot

Giddyup and go Aries! The train is leaving the station and you best be on it. We often have no idea where it’s going and that’s usually the point. The Chariot asks us to jump into action. To go from belief to faith. To take a tiny step forward, no matter how small, towards that thing we want or that life we know we’re meant to be living. How can you embrace the energy of the Chariot this month? What if you said “yes” to everything just as an experiment. My guess is that you’d end up in some very unusual situations or places that you’ve never been to before. Not a bad thing to mix it up every so often. Become an open vessel this November and let yourself be guided by the Universe’s playful nature. Treat each day like an adventure and you’ll be charging ahead on a starlit path blessed by the Cosmos in no time.

Taurus November Tarotscope

(Apr 20 – May 20)Eight of Pentacles

Procrastination might as well be my middle name. Can you relate? The Eight of Pentacles is here to remind you of your Goddess-given talents and how they aren’t being put to good use. It’s time to stop dreaming and time to start doing. The hardest part is starting. Just getting the thing going. So perhaps it’s time to set some accountability. Do you have another friend or colleague who has a project they’d like to work on but they keep hitting roadblocks as well? Create a buddy system where you text each other each morning about one tiny thing you’re going to do that day towards your goal. You’ll get to know each other on a deeper level, build a creative connection, feel more productive and learn a thing or two. This is a fabulous month for you as you start to ground your lofty dreams in reality. 

Gemini November Tarotscope

(May 21-June 20)The Hierophant

While the Hierophant might be exalted in traditional tarot, I like to think of them as my equal. They just happen to have many more life experiences or training than I do. If I show up and shut up for a little while maybe I’ll learn a thing or two. And if they are spiritually embracing the true nature of the Hierophant they understand that the teacher is always the student as well. You will both learn something from one another in this powerful and symbiotic relationship. If done right, you both create a deeper connection to the Highest Self, the superconscious, while practicing some three dimensional skill sharpening. You might bump heads at times but that’s part of the process. Those who anger us are always our teachers. They throw a spotlight on the unhealed parts of self and give us an opportunity to grow.

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Cancer November Tarotscope

(Jun 22-July 23) – Six of Swords (RX)

Well the bad news is that you’re going to piss everyone off this month. The good news is that you’re going to piss everyone off this month! The Six of Swords in reverse indicates that communication with others is in the toilet. Either you or the other person is having a hard time speaking their truth. While you’re out there butting heads and making frenemies you’ll have no choice but to reach out and develop a closer connection with the divine. Perhaps this is what all this miscommunication is about. You keep going to external sources for internal comfort and security which we all know is a game that ends up in a hollow sense of dread. When you are forced to go internally and reach up to the Heavens for support and love that’s where the answers can be found. This month is about learning to trust your inner voice so deeply that it’s all you can hear anymore. And soon you’ll come to the other side realizing all that conflict was simply a mirage forcing you closer to the truth.

Leo November Tarotscope

(Jul 24 – Aug 23) – The Hanged Man (RX)

Leo! Put down the baton. I repeat: put down the baton. This is not your orchestra and the Universe is sick of you trying to take over the whole show. It’s time to sit down and learn a thing or two. Sorry for the tough love, but it’s a bit of a code red situation when the Hanged Man pops out in reverse. It means you’re trying to impose your will onto everything. Oh this isn’t working out? Let me force it even harder. How’s that working out for you? It’s time to surrender and realize you’re not in charge. It’s time to soften your approach and try some active listening. There are perspectives here that you’ve been ignoring because you’ve been too afraid. Stop letting fear drive the bus. Slow down and take in the situation from a new angle. When was the last time you put yourself in someone else’s shoes? How you experience the world isn’t the only experience that matters.

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Virgo November Tarotscope

(Aug 24-Sep 22) – Three of Cups (RX)

Virgo, how many times do we have to go through this? You can’t do it all by yourself! Look, we know you’re the most organized one of the Zodiac and for the most part you’ve got it all planned out. However, do yourself a favor and let others in to help you! You’re starting to level up and take on bigger responsibilities and projects and you can’t go it alone. I mean you can try, but you’ll soon face burnout and loneliness. I mean no one can do it as perfectly as you can, we know this, however it needs to get done. Loosen the reins, let others in and give them all space to be human. You reincarnated as a human being remember?! You are not a robot. It’s time to reconnect with your soul tribe and let them see all your ugly vulnerabilities. You’ll be so happy that you did.

Libra November Tarotscope

(Sep 23-Oct 22) – The Empress

Oh this divine goddess has really lit my heart on fire. I used to avoid her as she brushed up against my Mother wound, but no more. Not after I took the Empress workshop with Madam Adam! I’m learning so much about this feminine powerhouse. I think the thing that impressed me most is her raw, powerful and sensual energy. This month, take some time to get to know yourself intimately. Reconnect with your body in all the ways that feel comfortable to you. Embrace every wrinkle, every mark, every scar, and every fold. Hold yourself in your arms and whisper sweet nothings in your ear. Practice some sex magic solo or with a partner (i.e. time to upgrade that vibrator). And definitely take time for self-care. I think a couple dozen roses might do the trick. Spoil yourself rotten with unconditional love and while you’re at it be sure to set some boundaries with anyone who can’t offer you the same.

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