Step into your power and shine that light with the magic of tarot, crystals, and amazing community.


What you can expect...

Tarot Education - We absolutely love the tarot! Join us for live tarot card readings, prompts, and other educational material to help you incorporate this powerful tool into your life.

Crystal Sales and Instruction - Our live crystals sales have been incredibly powerful and expansive. In this private community space, you'll have the opportunity to get a more personalized and educational experience.

Framily Dinner - Once a month we gather as a collective to dive deep into the monthly theme (such as self-acceptance) to learn more about each other

Special Guests - Each month we'll be inviting a special guest from the metaphysical community to come and share their knowledge and tools with us.

Tools for Healing - Our focus is helping Lightworkers step into their power. We offer tons of worksheets and prompts for self-reflection and growth.

Kindness - The community that has sprung up in this space is warm, inviting, loving and most importantly kind. Enjoy a safe and sacred space where you feel comfortable getting vulnerable and honest.


with a monthly intention to help create mindfulness and abundance in your daily adventures.


Gather with your fellow community members for a monthly Zoom "framily dinner".


Immerse yourself in a community with education, growth and laughter as the primary focus.


about the powerful healing properties of crystals using our wealth of knowledge and interactive polls.

Learn from a metaphysical industry expert during our monthly workshops.


A great resource for beginners.


Workshops & workbooks inlcuded


Special access to crystal sales.


Welcome to spiritual kindergarten where vulnerability reigns supreme. It's a space where we can learn to laugh at the absurdities of this three-dimensional reincarnation and help each other heal. 

In this sacred space, you'll find the following: information on tarot, educational resources about crystals, ways in which to live purposefully and hone in on your inherent gifts, lots of swearing, a shit ton of laughter, and monthly 'family dinner' (aka a Zoom where we all get together just to chat and hang). We also plan on having guests from the metaphysical community come and share their gifts based upon each month's focus.

The goal here is to meet incredible humans from across the globe and learn practical magic. We want to give you the tools you need to step into your power.

Have you always felt a little different? Find it hard to fit in? Make small talk? Do you have any trauma in your history? Or really, really hard things that you've had to overcome in your life? Are you on a healing journey? Do you like tarot? Crystals? Are you interested in deepening your connection to the divine?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then this is the perfect community for you. A band of 'misfits' that affectionately refer to themselves as the 'dumpster fire fam,' we don't take ourselves too seriously. We are learning collectively how to heal, grow, laugh, play and tap into our Highest Selves. 

This is a community of Healers and Lightworkers. If you don't know what that is, do not worry! You might not realize it yet, but did you know that you reincarnated on this planet at this exact time and space to help raise the vibration of the planet?! You might decide to do this professionally, but many here have traditional employment while keeping their purpose front and center. Kindness and love have high vibrational energy. The power of a smile is palpable.

Come join us to learn more about tarot, crystals and all things healing. Let us help you bring out your best self so you can do great things in the world. The planet needs you more than ever. We can do so much more collectively than by ourselves.

Thank you so much for being here. With each and every interaction with one another, there is so much expansion. You came to heal and by doing so you are raising the vibration of the collective and helping us all see the light.