I love teaching about tarot as it’s radically changed my life. I’m confident it will:

- Deepen your connection to the Divine

- Help you remove blocks

- Identify and destroy false beliefs

- Provide you with deep healing

- Assist you on your journey of self discovery

Jackie Stone - Owner and Founder of Totems and Tarot


Hi, I’m Jackie! I’ve been studying the tarot for over a decade and a professional tarot card reader for over seven years. Engaged in active recovery, I attribute my discovery of tarot to saving her life in many ways. A product of an extremely difficult childhood, I'm intent on helping others heal through sharing my story and my love of cards. While tarot can give us insights and guidance on our lives, I don’t adhere to a strict practice of divination. Although the cards can predict what happens next, let’s never forget our own free will and our powers of manifestation. I’m so excited to be your teacher and I’m so honored that you’re here.

When I’m not reading tarot you can find me out camping or hiking with my partner (and BFF) James and our three dogs. We also have two cats who love knocking crystals off the shelves and providing us with laughs. Gus is a superstar to the Totems and Tarot community and has been our official package inspector for quite some time.