Dreamtending Session – 90 Minutes

Dreamtending Session – 90 Minutes

Have vivid dreams but not sure what they mean? A Dreamtending session will uncover more than you ever thought possible.



This 90 Minute Dreamtending Session is with Karla Refoxo. One you have checked out you will receive an email with your appointment information as well as Zoom link for your online session.

The practice of DreamTending involves going back into the dream using active imagination, resulting in the experience of something akin to a shamanic journey. Together, we embark on a journey of curiosity and discovery, creating relationships with dream figures who offer themselves up as teachers, healers and guides. We uncover fields of richness which spark creativity and imagination, while opening the doorway to the mystery in our waking lives. Tending dreams lit by the fire of presence, curiosity and imagination— is a deep dive into uncovering our own creativity, soul voice, and the vast realm of possibilities always available to us.

Beyond dream interpretation, DreamTending is a way of working with dream which opens our senses to the multidimensional quality that is present in our lives—always—and wakes us up to our deepest selves, our connection to the world around us, and the gifts we have to share. Through dialog with those who come to us in our dreams, we meet our tribe of inner Oracles who generously share wisdom, guidance and inspiration—empowering us to move through our lives with a newfound illumination and clarity.

Going through the portal of dream not only takes us to our soul voice and calling, but it leads us straight into the Dream of Nature. Using creativity in the form of visual art, shamanic journeying, and writing, we go into the Natural World and learn to listen and share in the experience of the World Dream. Through engaging with the Oracles that live within us, we are introduced to ways of relating and listening to the voice of nature. Through using the vehicle of our creativity, we are guided still more deeply into living a more integrated, holistic and magical life.

Be willing to open to creativity, to your imagination, to curiosity, to childlike wonder. Be open to surprises, to magic, to discovery, to adventure, to transformation, and to the guidance of your soul.

Journey with me to the voice of your deepest longing, and into the guidance of your heart. Be open to listening, to seeing, to experiencing in new ways. 

Please note that we have a 24 hour cancellation policy.



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Every time when I meet with Karla I feel like i’m coming home. She is the embodiment of the Divine Feminine in so many ways. She offers the encouragement and nurturing that your soul was craving on a subscious level. I find her insights so helpful and illuminating. In fact, one of the reasons this website exists is because of Karla’s loving guidance! She helped me remove blocks and discover that truly anything is possible. Now we are building powerful community together and helping people heal. I know a session with her will have a deep impact on the trajectory of your life. She brings with her the wisdom of her ancestors, the patience of her elders and a deep connection to the unknown.

Jacqueline Stone

Magical Discoveries

Not much has been done with dream interpretation over the past century. I was so exciting to discover dreamtending. This fascinating and fairly new discipline helps you crack the unconscious and exposes deep inner knowledge and truth. It’s incredibly illuminating and I recommend this service to everyone. Our dreams hold more power than you could ever imagine.