Protection Gemstone Bundle

Protection Gemstone Bundle

A ship is safe at shore, but that’s not what it’s good for. May these stones offer you protection and safety as you go along your journey. May you feel safe, comforted and secure so you are able to continue your life purpose on this planet and bring more light into the world.


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You have important things to do in this world! You perform at your best when you feel safe and secure. Use these gemstones in meditation and prayer. Add them to your altar. Put them in your bag. And know that you are loved. Always.

Tiger's Eye - This orangish-brown beauty not only offers protection, but good luck. The gemstone of mental clarity, tiger's eye helps us stay unclouded by emotions. It is said to dispel fear and anxiety.

Tree Agate - This grounding stone, tree agate offers us a feeling of safety in the most challenging situations. This stone also helps us build a positive ego and great self-esteem, providing a deeper connection with the Self. This stone also helps us harness the wisdom of Mother Nature.

Carnelian - Carnelian, or otherwise known as red agate, is the stone of eternal youth. This stone banishes feelings of hopelessness and helps us reconnect with our purpose.

Amethyst - The stone of protection and divine connection, amethyst helps you recognize your power. This gemstone is also said to counter addictive behavior, which is why it's affectionately referred to as the 'sobriety stone.'

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Last year around this time I had a bunch of painful experiences all within weeks of one another. The most devastating was the death of my beloved Velcro, my familiar black cat who was always by my side. He was tragically hit and killed by a car. Not only did my heart feel ripped in two, but I felt extremely uneasy and unsafe. These gemstones were constantly on my person. I carried them in my purse, put them on my altar, held them in my hand…and somehow, someway, they offered me protection, security and serenity. I was also a victim of identity theft around that time and the situation seemed to right itself quickly when I used my spell work matched with the metaphysical powers of these beautiful stones. May they offer you the same.

Jacqueline Stone

Magical Discoveries

Tree agate is an absolutely gorgeous stone. I searched for it high and low and almost gave up. I finally found it in the final hour from a sweet-hearted vendor  at the Denver Gem Show. He had been in a horrific car accident that left him in chronic pain. He became an avid lover of gemstones when he surprisingly discovered that they could work not only for his emotional spirit, but his physical body as well. I was delighted to buy tree agate from him and I’m hopeful he put some of his powerful prayer and energy into them as well.