Tarot School – All Six Online Classes


Want to learn how to read tarot? Join us for a six part online workshop series where we cover everything you need to know!


***Please note these are PRE-RECORDED workshops. You will not be attending a live session.***

Learn how to read tarot, but do it with tough love and laughter. That is how I, (Jackie, the founder of Totems and Tarot), and Madam Adam like to read the cards. We swear a lot and break out into giggles the whole way. We take our passion of the cards very seriously, but ourselves…um, not so much. If you’ve seen any of our social media posts, you understand. LOL.

We break down the tarot from the basics all the way through reading professionally for clients in this six part online workshop series. All of our classes are PRE-RECORDED. The links to each video will be sent to you upon purchase. Each workshop is approximately 2 hours long and is accompanied by a downloadable workbook which has been crafted specifically for that class. You will be getting over 15 hours of video and over 85 workshop pages to help you learn and practice reading tarot. Our goal is that by the end of the course you feel comfortable enough to start reading for friends and family, maybe even professionally! Everyone moves at their own pace and this will definitely provide you with the tools you need to get started. Remember tarot is a practice and there is always more to learn! Both Adam and I have been studying and slinging the cards for over 10 years. We’re thrilled that you chose us to help you with your tarot education.

Each class is normally $66. That would total $396. We’re offering a 15% discount for purchasing them all together for $333, which happens to be our favorite angel number.

The classes are broken down as follows:

Class 1 – Tarot 101 – Learn the Tarot Basics

  • An overall definition of tarot and a brief history of from where it came
  • De-mystifying and de-bunking tarot myths – What about tarot and Christianity?
  • Brief overview of the Major Arcana – What is it good for? What’s with the numbers?
  • Brief overview of the Major Arcana – What is the meaning of each of the suits? How the hell am I supposed to memorize this?
  • How to get started – Daily practices to get you going

Class 2 – The Majors Part 1 – Who the Eff Are These People?!

  • A brief review of numerology and color theory in the tarot
  • A deep discussion around the first half of the Major Arcana: 0-10
  • Teaching you how to interpret the first half of the major arcana in various places in a tarot reading
  • A brief overview of the Celtic Cross, one of the most famous and most used tarot spreads

Class 3- The Majors Part 2 – Let’s Go Eff It Up!

  • A deep discussion around the first half of the Major Arcana: 11-22
  • Unpacking what these cards mean on the surface and how to go deeper
  • Teaching you how to interpret the second half of the major arcana in various places in a tarot reading
  • A brief overview of a special spread created specifically for this class

Class 4 – The Minors Part 1 – Pentacles and Swords – Let’s Get Down and Dirty!

  • A deep discussion around the first two suits of the minor arcana: pentacles and swords
  • An introduction to the court cards and how they are specific to the minor arcana
  • How each of the minors can associate to the majors through numerology and color theory
  • A two card spread that helps you really dive deep into these suits and their meanings

Class 5 – The Minors Part 2 – Wands and Cups – All’s Fair in Love and War

  • A deep discussion around the second two suits of the minor arcana: wands and cups
  • Ways in which you can tap into the energy of the court cards for your self-growth and healing
  • A more thorough review of best practices so you can start to create daily tarot habits and learning
  • Heated debate over card meanings – many in these suits have varying interpretations – how will YOU choose to read the card?

Class 6 – Bringing it All Together – The Tarot Gathering

  • A deep discussion around your own tarot evolution and how to utilize the cards for your self-development
  • Teaching you how to interpret these cards in various places in a tarot reading
  • Journal prompts
  • Review of our favorite tarot spreads (in your workbook) that we currently use with our private clients!
  • Three card spread reviews
  • Half of class is spent doing readings for one another. If you are catching the recording we encourage you to post your 3 card spread online and tag us! Use #thetarotgathering so we can provide feedback!

Things to note:

  • This is a PRE-RECORDED workshop that is sent to you via email.
  • There will not be any refunds offered for this workshop as you receive the link immediately after payment.

Things to bring:

  • An open mind and an open heart
  • A notebook if you feel inclined (we have notes pages in the workbook)
  • YOUR favorite tarot deck. We recommend the Rider Waite Smith tarot deck as there is so much literature available about it.

Things to consider purchasing:

Thank you so much for joining us!

P.S. It is highly recommended that participants be 18 years of age and older as there are profanities. If you’d like your child to view this information, please contact us privately and we’ll determine if this is good fit on a individual basis: [email protected]

***Just in case you missed it – this is a PRE-RECORDED workshop and you will receive a link to watch the video after purchase. No refunds will be offered as the link will be sent to you immediately after purchase.***


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