The Hermit 8.5 oz Tarot Candle

The Hermit 8.5 oz Tarot Candle

This beautiful hand-poured soy-wax candle is made right here in Colorado by Magic Fairy Candles. Pulled from the Rider Waite Smith deck, The Hermit card from the major arcana is associated with the zodiac sign Virgo: it is reflective of Wisdom, like a flame to a candle, that turns us into lanterns lit from within.


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In solitude you empty out & make ready a new vessel for the filling.

This beautiful candle features a magical blend of herbs, a crystal charged under a full moon and a wooden top for easy storage.

Copal & Patchouli

Make time for solitude—no devices or distractions. Lengthen each exhalation as you release expectations with every breath. What is the one thing you keep trying to hold on to? Exhale and let go.

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The word hermit has a slightly negative connotation in modern society, however this wise old sage is the most revered in all the major arcana. It indicates a time for serious contemplation and self-reflection. By going within that is where all the answers can be found when we connect to our highest Self. Whenever this card comes up for me in a reading I know it’s time to get rid of all distractions and break out my journal. This digital age always keeps us engaged with our computers, our phones or our televisions. It’s fascinating what waits for you when all the machines are shut down and you are left with yourself and your thoughts. What reflections are worth investigating further?

Jacqueline Stone

Magical Discoveries

Most often depicted with a lantern, The Hermit is our teacher and our guide. The flicker of his light encourages us to go deep within the unconscious to unlock secrets and magic that waits for us there.