The Hierophant 8.5 oz Tarot Candle

The Hierophant 8.5 oz Tarot Candle

This beautiful hand-poured soy-wax candle is made right here in Colorado by Magic Fairy Candles. Pulled from the Rider Waite Smith deck, The Hierophant card from the major arcana is associated with the zodiac sign Taurus: it is reflective of Spiritual, Meditative, Truth.


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Integrity’s guide exists within us all. You need only quiet yourself to hear it.

This beautiful candle features a magical blend of herbs, a crystal charged under a full moon and a wooden top to make for easy storage.

Grapefruit & Ginger

Only by questioning your own heart can you find your way in this world. Sit with awareness and dwell on significant questions—What is my true nature? What is my role in this life? How can I best serve others?

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Once soley associated with the church, The Hierophant’s meaning and connections have shifted significantly over the years. Often you’ll see this figure associated with a key. He holds the keys to the spiritual kingdom and he’s not apt to let many people in…unless they deem they are worthy. The Hierophant is the High Priest, but he is also the ulitmate teacher. He shows us that by humbling ourselves and admitting our ignorance that is when the true education begins.

Jacqueline Stone

Magical Discoveries

The origins of tarot are under debate, but it’s well known they became popular in Italy in the 1500s. Some speculate that the Hierophant was a way to poke fun at the Pope. What blasphomy! When you dive deep to study the cards you recognize their reverance for ALL religions or spiritual ideologies. This deck created in 1909 was revolutionary at the time for challenging many of the long-standing ideals.