All Natural Herbal Healing Salve - Mountain Goddess

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This healing herbal salve was hand-crafted with love and care by Britta's Dotter. It includes coconut oil, essential oil and a magical blend of ground herbs. This blend includes:

  • Shepard's Purse - for healing, rejuvenation and protection
  • Arnice Flower - to meld body and spirit
  • Quan Yin Oil - for compassion and kindness

Britta suggests "Wear for protection, balance, emotional strength, a self-esteem boost, warding, or because it smells bomb AF."

We love this balm as its wonderful for: cracked hands and feet, moisturizing cuticles, everyday hand lotion, lip balm, and in our opinion, works well for minor cuts and burns.

As this is made with all natural ingredients please discontinue use if sensitivity occurs. Herbs, spices and flowers are finely ground before infusing with oils. During the cooling process some small pieces may rise to the top of the salve.

This is soon to become you must have for your desk, purse, car and more. An everyday favorite!


Why we love this product!

Brooke Carlson, the owner and creator behind Britta's Dotter, is an all around bad ass eccentric witch. The day my box arrived with my magical salve I just so happened to burn my hand taking something out from the oven. I was like "oh why don't I try the salve?" Low and behold, the next morning my hand looked almost completely healed. I was flabbergasted. I've been obsessed with this salve ever since. I have one in almost every room in my house, especially in the winter time, as my hands get so chapped so easily. I also love to use it for my lips. It's all natural and seems to quench the dryness rather then just temporarily resolve the issue. I hope you're as in love with these as I am!

This is how Brooke shows up in the world. I told her to have creative freedom when putting together the salves for the site. I just so happen to live in the mountains of Boulder, CO. Heart melting! Brooke reminds us ALL of the goddess within and this is why I love her so!