Black Tourmaline Pendulum

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Black Tourmaline is the stone of protection. It helps dispel negative energy and keep you safe, which is extremely helpful for divination or spellwork. This beautiful black tourmaline pendulum is a great way to get in touch with your Guides. 

If you've never used a pendulum before, there is no better time than now to start! When you receive your pendulum you want to swing it around and ask the following questions:

"Could you please show me YES?"

"Could you please show me NO?"

"Could you please show me MAYBE?"

"Could I please ask you some questions right now?"

Everyone has a different experience with a pendulum. For some YES = up and down, for others the pendulum goes in a clockwise motion for YES and a counterclockwise motion for NO. Have fun! There is nothing to fear. Each of us have forces nearby that want to help. This is a great way of getting concise information.