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Immerse yourself in a curated world of healing and empowerment with the Crystal Pick Box. Tailored specifically to resonate with your unique energy and aspirations, every stone is handpicked with intention and love. After your purchase, you'll be invited to share your desires and needs, allowing Jacqueline Stone, a distinguished Gemological Institute of America (GIA) graduate and seasoned tarot reader, to weave her decade-long expertise into your personalized box. But this goes beyond mere gemology: as a Reiki II level practitioner, Jacqueline infuses each box with Reiki healing energy, ensuring that every crystal pulses with vitality and aligns with your journey. Dive deep into self-awareness and transformation; let the Crystal Pick Box be your guide.

Additionally, to enhance your spiritual journey, you have the special option to include handpicked tarot and/or oracle decks in your Crystal Pick Box. These decks, chosen for their resonance with your path, complement the energies of the crystals, providing deeper insight and guidance. Whether you're a seasoned reader or just beginning your tarot journey, these additions elevate your personal exploration, forging a harmonious bridge between the wisdom of the stones and the messages of the cards. Embrace the full spectrum of spiritual tools, and let the universe whisper its secrets directly to you.