Land Sky Oracle

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By the same creator of the White Sage Tarot, Theresa Hutch brings us through the eight limbs of yoga in this thoughtful oracle deck as a way to offer us gentle guidance and grace.

Forty-nine stunningly hand-painted watercolor oracle cards are accompanied by a sixty page guidebook chock full of useful information. Land Sky Oracle: A Journey Through Patanjali's Eight Limbs of Yoga, includes a fold out guide to the eight limbs of yoga, helping us incorporate the practice into our daily lives. This beautiful oracle deck is full of wisdom and hope as each card is accompanied by an affirmation to take with us on our journey.


Why we love this product!

This deck feels like a giant warm embrace. Stunningly illustrated, the meaning behind the cards is just as beautiful as the meanings. I really appreciate that Theresa offered us affirmations to carry with us throughout the day. I feel like everyone could benefit from this deck. If I’m having a rough day this is always my go-to. It reminds me to be gentle with myself. Adulting can be hard sometimes! I hope you enjoy the beauty and wisdom of this oracle deck as much as I do.