Malachite Raw Specimen

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Malachite is such a transformative and powerful stone. 

This gorgeous crystal has the ability to open up our heart chakra and allow massive healing to take place. When we heal our heart and step into our most vulnerable selves, we create a postive flow of energy. This creates a magnet for manifestation. Malachite is associated with abundance and prosperity.

Whether or not you believe the metaphysical hype, there is no denying it's beauty. These raw specimens were sourced directly from an Africian family. Not only do you support our small business when purchasing a crystal, but you support many more. All of our items are sourced ethically and with love.

Why we love this product!

When we saw these stunning specimens at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show we knew we had to have them. We love malachite in it's raw and unpolished form. Magical art created by Mother Nature herself. Quite the masterpiece!