Malachite Specimen Medium

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Malachite is a huge heart opener.

It helps us heal our heart chakra and invite in positive flow. This is probably why malachite is so closely associated with prosperity and abundance. It helps us dismantle false beliefs and old patterning that no longer serves our highest and greatest good.

This is a wonderful crystal for anyone on a healing journey, especially if you have any financial trauma or money wounds. Step into  your Highest Self and create healing for your big heart. 

Please note that we do our best to source each and every stone ethically and responsibly. These malachite specimens were sourced from a small family business in Africa. With each crystal purchase you are not only supporting us, but small business owners around the world.

Why we love this product!

Malachite is one of our favorites. Try laying down and putting this specimen over your heart. Close your eyes and take some deep breaths. What comes up for you? We often have many clients start to cry. That's good stuff! Your body is releasing stored up blocks. Allow the tears to water the garden of your soul.