New Mexico Agate with Amethyst Druzy Bear

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Bear: B - In perfect condition


Introducing the New Mexico Agate with Amethyst Druzy Bear, a truly rare and exceptional crystal creation that beckons to the target market with a nod to the uniqueness of New Mexico Agate. Much like The Star card in the Tarot, which symbolizes hope, inspiration, and spiritual guidance, this extraordinary piece embodies the essence of these qualities. The captivating beauty of New Mexico Agate, coupled with the soothing energy of Amethyst Druzy, forms a combination that's as rare as a shooting star in the night sky. This crystal bear, like the Star card, serves as a beacon of hope and a source of inspiration for those seeking to connect with their inner light and follow their dreams. Embrace this unique treasure and allow its rare essence to inspire hope and guide your spiritual journey.

Please note that Bear A cracked and fell. It has been glued back together. That is why it is so deeply discounted. Many crystal dealers won't even mention this when they sell you crystals. We pride ourselves on integrity and honesty.