Rose Quartz Anatomical Heart

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Introducing our Rose Quartz Anatomical Heart, a truly one-of-a-kind carving that marries the tender qualities of rose quartz with the precise and thoughtful representation of the human heart. This spectacular piece is not merely an artistic expression but a powerful emblem of self-love and emotional healing. Rose quartz, revered for its ability to open the heart chakra and promote love in all forms, is exquisitely shaped to mirror our very center of emotion and affection.

This anatomical heart carving invites a deep connection to the core of our being, encouraging us to learn how to love ourselves anew. Its soft pink hues and smooth finish radiate a comforting energy, perfect for anyone seeking to foster self-compassion or to heal from past emotional wounds. Place this rose quartz heart in a personal space where it can serve as a daily reminder of your worth and capacity for deep, abiding love, making it a precious addition to any collection focused on personal growth and heart-centered living.


100% natural rose quartz

9 cm tall
5 cm wide
5 cm deep

Caring for your crystals goes beyond mere aesthetics; it's a ritual that nurtures their unique energies and ensures they continue to resonate with you. It's important to remember, though, that not all crystals are water-friendly. Some, like Selenite, could actually dissolve or become damaged when exposed to water. Instead, consider alternative cleansing methods such as bathing them in the soft glow of moonlight or enveloping them in the purifying smoke of sage or palo santo. And when it comes to recharging, nothing beats the vibrant energies of direct sunlight or the grounding embrace of the earth. By attending to your crystals with these mindful practices, you're not just maintaining their physical beauty—you're also honoring their spiritual essence, creating a deeper connection between you and the natural world.

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