Selenite Round Bowl - 10 cm

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Selenite is one of our favorite crystals and we love it cut into the form of a bowl! Why you ask? Well selenite is a powerful cleansing so. So much so, that not only can it cleanse itself, but it can cleanse other gemstones as well.

This beautiful bowl can be used to cleanse herbs, tumbles, round spheres and so much more!

A few things to note:

  • Tumbles or sphere are NOT included. This was just to show you what your magical bowl could do for you!
  • The bowl measures 10 centimeters in diameter.
  • Selenite can often appear 'cracked', but we promise your bowl isn't broken. Those are internal fractals.
  • Selenite is a Gypsum making it FRAGILE! Do not put anything too hot or too cold in your bowl. Do not put any water on this crystal or it will 'melt'.
  • Each bowl is $18.18! The price is for a single bowl.

Why we love this product!

Selenite as a vessel has big Empress energy. It's as if the stone is opening up it's arms in a big metaphysical hug. Anything you put inside it will be giving fresh new energy, whether that be another crystal or your anxious mind. Try using it in meditation and asking to receive. See what comes in for your energetically. You'll be surprised at it's powerful, yet gentle energy.