The High Priestess Tarot Candle - 8.5 oz

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This beautiful hand-poured soy-wax candle is made right here in Colorado by Magic Fairy Candles. Pulled from the Rider Waite deck, The High Priestess card from the major arcana is associated with purity, feeling, inner guidance, and the subconscious.

The balance between the known & unknown rests within.

Lemongrass, Eucalyptus, & Sage.

The source of intuition does not exist outside of you. Mentally move inwards towards your center, until you reach a vast openness beyond all else. Breathe in the ecstasy of life showing you all you need to know.


Each hand-crafted candle includes soy-wax which turns into a body butter when "hot," magical herbs, and a crystal charged under a full moon. It comes with a wooden top for easy storage. This makes a perfect gift for the tarot lover in your life.


Why we love this product!

The High Priestess sits between two pillars: B and J. These stand for Boaz and Jachin, the two column that stood at the very first temple in Jeruselum. She reminds us that to never stop learning and seeking truth. The universe has so many mysteries to uncover.