The Macabre Tarot

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Make it spooky but bring some laughs. That is the vibe of the Macabre Tarot.

This gorgeous and fun filled tarot deck offers immediate and fun-filled surprise. When you open the coffin shaped box it lets out a long-winded creak reminiscent of an actual coffin open or closing. It’s the kitchy and noisy part of the Macabre Tarot that we just can’t seem to get enough.

Composed of 78 cards like a traditional tarot deck, the deck creator, Samantha West, offers a humorous and macabre take on the tarot. The gold gilded cards offer concise cartoon images of each spiritual principle. They are further explored in the 90 page guidebook.

In this deck wands become bonds, swords turn into daggers, pentacles are now crystals and interestingly, cups remain unchanged. There are also a few welcomed surprises in her vernacular and definition around the Major Arcana.

This is a wonderful deck for a tarot enthusiast as it’ll have you reaching for it all the time. Just to hear that creak or perhaps ponder a bit more about Medusa on the Star card.


Why we love this product!

Probably our favorite card in the deck is The Chariot. We’ve never seen this card illustrated in quite this manner, but the meaning is so on point. Very creative take!