The Wild Unknown Journal

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Don’t think of yourself as creative? Think again! This beautiful journal by Kim Krans helps you awaken the creativity that lives within and add mindful practice to your day.


This 99 page full-color journal, is illustrated by Kim Krans. Famous for her tarot deck, The Wild Unknown, this beautiful and creative journal does not disappoint. You are encouraged to embark on a journey of self-discovery and creative inspiration, gently guided by verbal and artistic prompts. This journal is perfect for writers, artists, poets, tarot card readers or anyone else who wants to reignite the joy of your playful inner child.

Kim states, "Any practice does consistently over a long period of time with love in your heart produces results." This journal helps us get out of our own way. To get messy, play with a variety of mixed materials and start creating a daily practice where we drop into the Divine that lives in the her and now. Art is meditation and brings us closer to our higher Self.