The Witches' Wisdom Tarot

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Looking for a new type of tarot? This deck helps you connect deeper not only to the heavens, but to life here on earth.

This gorgeously illustrated deck contains 78 cards, much like a regular tarot deck, however the similarities end there. These two powerful and experienced witches gathered together to offer us a magical journal here on earth, encouraging us to tap back into to our inner knowledge and the magic of Mother Nature.

Crafted by an American Wiccan High Priestess and an English Hedgewitch, this deck includes a 160 page guidebook filled with a detailed description of each card. The book also offers us insight into the fundamentals of witchcraft, a small slice of the history of the witch, helpful spreads and tons of beautiful spells which can be practiced gathering things right outside your door. Although the four suits remain the same: earth, air, fire, water; the meanings could not be more different from a traditional deck! The major arcana features 22 cards but again we see a massive departure from the archetypes we've grown to know well through the Rider Waite Smith or Thoth tarot variations. This deck comes with a lovely magnetic box and a decorated burlap bag to offer safe storage, as well as reverence for the cards' magic.

This is a must-have for a tarot collector. We do not recommend this deck for a beginner as most reading materials and other decks will vary greatly from the information gathered here. If you are a seasoned reader and are looking to take your practice deeper, this one is for you!


Why we love this product!

There is a delightful spell on the inside cover of the deck's box. An immediate introduction how tarot and witchcraft work quite well together for our greater good.